K-Drama Reaction: Be Melodramatic | Episodes 9-10

Eun-jung has finally faced her demons, and it seems like she is on the way to make peace with herself. For two years, she has been fighting this battle alone, unaware of the magnitude that it has slowly become. The unconsciously harbored her hurtful past, dormant and overlooked. But since she has a great support system, I know she will overcome this, and make the memory of Hong-dae no longer the cause of her pain, but a reminder of her strength.

In these episodes, we saw Eun-jung took a walk down memory lane, and visited some of the places she frequented with Hong-dae. She decided to take the day off and eat at their favorite place. That sequence wherein flashes of Eun-jung and Hong-dae’s moments at the ramen place and mini fights had me crying so much. They apparently opened their own ramen restaurant, too! Hang in there, Eun-jung unnie! 힘내요! ❤️


Jin-joo’s new studio

Jin-joo continues to be the sunshine of this drama. She brings joy and laughter whenever I see her banter with Beom-soo. The stories of our two other unnies were pretty heavy in these back-to-back episodes, but Jin-joo’s plot kept on focusing on her (mis)adventures as a rookie writer. After signing with Han-joo’s production company, she was given her own studio to serve as her official writing space. Jin-joo was pretty ecstatic because it finally felt like her career had started to take off, and she now looks forward to writing more scripts in her alone time. But her excitement literally burst into bubbles after her mom (I love her) invited the entire village to a house warming party. LOL!

Hwan-dong’s lowkey revenge plot

Let’s talk about this cunning little dirtbag quickly. I wanted to like him, but I just couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong I was even happy for his big break, especially after Jin-joo’s heartfelt monologue about their love and Beom-soo’s mighty pep talk about career choices. Hwan-dong had all the potential to be someone great and I still look forward to this career development. But this dream seemed far fetch for now because we learned that Jin-joo’s great ex snatched all of Beom-soo’s prod team. To be fair, I would like to think that since Hwan-dong first worked as Beom-soo’s assistant director, his only connections were those whom he worked with through Beom-soo. But still, I just hoped he had the decency to talk to his sunbae first because pirating everyone.


Hwan-dong and Jin-joo’s past also resurfaced through the scripts of their respective dramas. Both of these ex-lovers used their own experience in a scene, which of course appeared plagiarized to everyone outside of their relationship. Jin-joo was upset and blamed herself about the incident. But she also questioned Hwan-dong for using their own past in someone else’s script. Good thing, Beom-soo had always remained objective and explained to her that it’s unfair to say that because they were Hwan-dong’s memories, too. It was a happy memory for both of them, and she had no solo control as to how he would want to cherish or use them especially they were both working in the creative industry.


Holding on vs Letting go

Jae-hoon and Ha-yoon finally broke up this time, and I sincerely hope this is for good. As much as I hate Ha-yoon for being a cheater, I felt really bad that they had to keep holding onto each other, when it’s very clear that their relationship was long over even before they formally broke up. What was once a happy and stable love had lost its foundation and failed to retain even a string of hope for friendship.

My favorite part of Episode 10 was Jae-hoon’s initial reluctance to throw away Ha-yoon’s personal belongings. Jae-hoon was taking a bath and the water was blocked from the drain. He traced the cause and found out Ha-yoon’s hairfall clogged the drain. This metaphor was so poignant I had to pause for a while and reflect on it! Ha-yoon’s hair being the hindrance to Jae-hoon’s bath time was a perfect symbolism of how Jae-hoon’s life could now move forward without Ha-yoon. He finally set himself free of all the unnecessary stress and heartbreak that’s been pulling him down because of a toxic relationship.


Love struck Beom-soo is love struck.

In spite of everything, Eun-jung is still my spirit animal! The way she fought back that jerk of a director (cameo by Son Seok-koo!) who’s been harassing everyone during that commercial shoot was so badass!

Speaking of Eun-jung, she gives the best advice next to Beom-soo in this drama! No wonder So-min zoomed out of their pamper session to go to the love of her life!


Happy that So-min finally took courage and admit her feelings to Min-joon! I just hope Min-joon would take extra effort in making his girl feel loved in the next episodes.


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