In Spotlight: Yoo In-na Filmography

Yoo In-na is undoubtedly one of the prettiest actresses of today. But this girl is more than a pretty face because she’s also a singer and radio DJ. Yoo In-na might be going back and forth between main roles and supporting ones but she definitely knows how to make each and every character a memorable one. So for tonight’s IN SPOTLIGHT, let’s welcome Miss beauty and talent, YOO IN-NA!!!

Yoo In-na made her acting debut via 2009 sitcom, High Kick through the Roof where she played a woman who leaves her home to live with her boyfriend played by Lee Kwang-soo.

yoi 2

She then starred in her first movie, The Fair Love in the same year.

yoi 3

Yoo In-na’s first claim-to-fame was via the SBS drama, Secret Garden where she played Ha Ji-won’s perky best friend, Ah-young. This role earned her a New Best Actress Award.

yoi 4

She quickly returned to the movies via female-centric film, My Black Mini Dress. She played Min-hee, a rich girl who has to improve her English skills so she could study abroad.

yoi 5

In 2011, she took on her first antagonist role via MBC rom-com, The Greatest Love. She played the role of Kang Se-ri, a former girl group member who has become a top star.

yoi 6

In the same year, she played another best friend role in BIRDIE BUDDY. Actually, the drama was slated to air in 2010 but had faced a lot of scheduling setbacks.

yoi 7

In 2012, Yoo In-na made a cameo appearance in the movie, Love Fiction reuniting her with former co-star, Gong Hyo-jin.

yoi 8

Yoo In-na landed her first leading role in 2012 fantasy romance, Queen In-hyun’s Man. She played the role of Choi Hee-jin, an obscure actress who fell in love with a time-travelling Joseon scholar.

It’s the drama where Yoo In-na and her leading man, Ji Hyun-woo developed feelings for each other and became real-life couple.

yoi 9

In 2013, Yoo In-na tried her first family drama through KBS’s You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin, She played Lee Yoo-shin, a marketing executive who is quite capable, outspoken, and sharp, yet somewhat incapable and lazy at doing housework.

It also starred her bestfriend, IU.

yoi 10

In the same year, Yoo In-na made a cameo appearance in sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3.

yoi 11

In 2013 again, Yoo In-na took on another villain role in one of the highest rated drama, My Love from the Star. She played Yoo Se-mi, the best friend of the heroine (Jun Ji-hyun) who’s jealous and envious of her friend deep inside her.

yoi 12

Yoo In-na accepted another lead role in TvN romance thriller, My Secret Hotel where she played a wedding planner in charge of of arranging her ex-boyfriend’s wedding amidst an ongoing murder investigation.

yoi 13

In 2015, she took on a supporting role in a web-drama headlined by BIGBANG member, Top and Japanese actress, Juri Ueno.

yoi 14

In 2016, Yoo In-na shed her usually gorgeous looks to play the role of Go Dong-mi in the 2016 drama about second chances, One More Happy Ending. Go Dong-mi is an elementary school teacher who has never experienced to have a boyfriend all her life.

yoi 15

But Yoo In-na transformed into one of her most beautiful role via the megahit drama, Goblin. She played Sunny, a chicken restaurant owner who fell in love with a Grim Reaper.

Their love story is one of the saddest ones I’ve seen in dramaland history.

yoi 16

Touch Your Heart (tvN/2019) – Oh Yoon-Seo / Oh Jin-Sim

yoi 17

The Spies Who Loved Me (MBC/2020) – Kang Ah-reum

New Year Blues (2021) – Hyo-yeong

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actress’ filmography.

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