K-Drama Reaction: Be Melodramatic | Episodes 11-12

What can I say??? I loved these two episodes so much!!!! Jin-joo and Beom-soo’s relationship progression continues to surprise me. They have this unique bond that no one, even the audience, could penetrate. And I mean it in a good way! They built themselves a world wherein only the two of them belongs – a very distinctive relationship that appears to be weird and unpredictable to other people, yet sweet if you really think about it. They were aware about each other’s feelings, yet ignoring about the real score between them. The confession scene was too cute too handle I couldn’t watch it without pausing and screaming all by myself!

Be Melo 11-12 (13)

Anyway, I feel like my reaction is all over the place because of this OTP. Just when all of us thought that the confession scene merited a sweet kiss, Jin-joo managed to take a step back and wake us all from our fantasies! It’s not that she did not like Beom-soo back, it’s just that it was intimidating. And Jin-joo being Jin-joo, she initially thought she could postpone “love” and focus on the things that needed to be addressed first – their ongoing drama project.

Be Melo 11-12 (8)Be Melo 11-12 (7)

Good thing, she had a very heartfelt dinner with her ex-boyfriend Hwan-dong, who helped her realized that her feelings should also be addressed now. I specifically liked what she told Hwan-dong about letting their past memories and regrets just be that – the past. The things that she look forward to now with Beom-soo outweigh the regrets she had while being with Hwan-dong. Things had changed and she was not the same Jin-joo as before. It was a beautiful love that ended, and I hope Hwan-dong would be over it soon, too.


OMG, Episode 11 was really painful to watch because of Eun-jung’s first ever visit to the psychiatrist in two years. She was finally addressing the root cause of her pain, and facing one’s demons is never easy. I am not the authority in lecturing about depression or mental health consultations, but I can say that Eun-jung’s session with her doctor was tastefully done, and not offensive. I hope everyone dealing with mental health problems would also have the courage like Eun-jung to seek help. Seeing her cry for the first time in two years… fully letting go of that unaddressed grief, it made me proud of her. Losing the person you loved most in this world and facing that grief alone is almost unbearable, but Eun-jung managed to survive. I just hope that she would now start to reclaim her life back and not just live for the sake of surviving.

Be Melo 11-12 (4)

The relationship between Eun-jung and Hyo-bong is really admirable. I just wish Hyo-bong would stop blaming himself for the hardships that his noona is currently dealing with. Because of the heavy story lines of the three leading ladies, we have overlooked Hyo-bong’s story a little bit. And it’s a bit of fresh air to see him lean onto Mun-su when he is down. Hyo-bong is a good man, a good friend, and an even better dongsaeng to his noona. And I don’t want to believe that their parents could not accept him for who he is or he caused his family to separate. It’s just too unfair for this pure soul.

Going back to Eun-jung, gosh. Where do I start? Watching her having suicidal thoughts in form of a dream is a bit scary and alarming at the same time. I could not tell if it’s a positive development because of her therapy because she is now aware of Hong Dae being just a figment of her imagination. But at the same, her mental health is not in a good place right now, which caused her that dream. Anyway, it seems like Eun-jung is walking towards a better place through the help of Sang-soo PDnim, whom I think is in for the long run (or at least for the last few episodes).

Be Melo 11-12 (11)Be Melo 11-12 (12)


Is it just me or Jae-hoon’s storyline is starting to get tiring? We are only four episodes left and we are still not over this Ha-yoon shenanigan. I sincerely hope they would let Jae-hoon move on from Ha-yoon peacefully, and not insert Ha-yoon back into the picture. It’s now clear how their love fell apart based from Jae-hoon’s story. There’s no need for a redemption arc for Ha-yoon on this one. It just didn’t work out for them, just let it be. I hope they would let us see Jae-hoon’s road to healing, too. Let’s not waste his precious airtime with having to endure more of Ha-yoon’s unwanted presence in his life.

Be Melo 11-12 (9)

What Han-joo said about seeing the wrong things about ourselves when we started resenting someone for a long time made so much sense. The hatred that Jae-hoon felt towards Ha-yoon was a long time coming, and instead of dealing with it early, they ignored the problem and it got bottled up to the point they couldn’t handle it any longer. The break-up was the best decision they ever made in their toxic love life, and I hope Jae-hoon now starts to forgive himself (and Ha-yoon), from this failed relationship and move forward.

Be Melo 11-12 (1)


Who would not fall in love with Hwan-dong in this scene??? My heart skipped a beat when that necklace fell out of nowhere! Hihihi :> No wonder Jin-joo used it in her own script because it’s too cute not to be shared to the world! Even Writer Jung admitted it’s cheesy!

Be Melo 11-12

This show is blessed with loving dongsaengs. Ji-yeon’s young love is so pure and innocent. They may not have the best things yet because of their current status, but as long as they stay together, they will eventually get into a place where they can do whatever they want. Stay strong, Ji-yeon!

Be Melo 11-12 (3)

Thank heavens, all is well between Writer Jung and Jin-joo now! The veteran writer’s drunken persona is also a revelation. too! Funny how she thinks no one in her team would really want to work with Jin-joo. Haha!

Be Melo 11-12 (14)

Even though I still don’t understand Da-mi’s ways, I hope she is not giving any false hopes to poor Dong-gi. He is love struck!

Be Melo 11-12 (2)

Lastly, jagganim, what’s wrong with Jung-bong??? LOL! He was the star of Reply 1988! {Junghwan is shookt}


New favorite OST from Be Melodramatic: Hyunsang Ha’s “Moonlight”

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