Face Genius: Top 10 Handsome Supporting Oppas

This was originally posted on our Facebook Page in 2017.

Have you ever heard the term face genius or a hard-working face? It is often used in Korean shows to refer to good looking people who steal the scene because of their visuals. These are the Top 10 Face Genius Oppas who may not be the main stars of the dramas but definitely made our hearts flutter.

  • Ban Ryu (Do Ji-han)
    Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

– My favorite oppa on the list ❤ ❤
– After seeing him in Hwarang, I immediately knew the K-Drama genies will notice him. He top billed the KBS1 daily drama Lovers in Bloom.
– Do Ji-han oppa also starred in Huh Gak’s 1440 MV opposite Apink’s Hwayoung.

ss 1

  • Jang Joon-sung (Sung-hoon)
    Oh My Venus- No explanation needed for this oppa. His hotness landed him his first leading role in the 2017 rom-com My Secret Romance.
    – Sung Hoon was actually a member of the South Korean national swimming team for 14 years but he had to quit due to a spinal injury.
    – Oppa also starred in Davichi’s Just the Two of Us (둘이서 한잔해) MV.

ss 2

  • Tae-o (Shin Won-ho)
    The Legend of the Blue Sea- Oppa is also known as Shin, the leader of idol group Cross Gene.
    – Shin oppa will appear on upcoming MBC drama 20th Century Boy and Girl.

ss 3

  • Moo Suk (Park Young-woon)
    The King Loves/The King in Love- Who would not love a hooded and dashing assassin?
    – The King Loves is this oppa’s TV debut, though, he already appeared in the 2010 horror flick Be With Me also known as Ghost.

ss 4

  • Grim Reaper (Choi Woong)
    Goblin: The Lonely and Great God- Choi Woong oppa also starred in Descendants of the Sun as Staff Sergeant Gong Cheol-ho a.k.a. Harry Potter.
    – You may also remember him in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo as Nam Joo-hyuk’s prickly sunbae, who has a crush on Shi-ho.

ss 5

  • Staff Sergeant Choi Woo-geun a.k.a. Snoopy (Park Hoon)
    Descendants of the Sun- Oppa was also noticed by viewers in the 2016 MBC drama Monster as Oh Choong-dong.
    – He starred in the KBS2 four-part series Naked Firemen.

ss 6

ss 7

  • Detective Yoo Seok (Oh Sang-jin)
    My Love from the Star- He is Semi’s brother and the detective investigating the death of Han Yu-ra in the drama.
    – Oppa is a former news anchor.
    – We may see oppa more in the coming months since he already signed a contract with YG last February.

ss 8

  • Officer Choi Sung-Jae (Lim Ju-hwan)
    Oh My Ghostess/Oh My Ghost- No doubt the scene stealer of Oh My Ghostess. He turns from a loving husband to a pyschopatic and possessed murderer in a second.
    – After Oh My Ghostess, oppa snatched roles in dramas The Bride of Habaek and Uncontrollably Fond.
    – Did you know that he actually starred alongside Song Joong-ki and Jo In-sung in historical erotic film A Frozen Flower? They maintained close ties since then.

ss 9

  • Yoon Kyung-woo (Seo Ji-hoon)
    School 2017- Geumdo High School’s handsome guitar man 
    – Oppa starred in the 2016 JTBC teen mystery show, Solomon’s Perjury and also appeared in the 14th episode of the tvN thriller and crime drama, Signal.
    – Seo Ji-hoon oppa will lead the upcoming SBS Plus drama Longing Heart alongside CNBlue’s Lee Jung-shin.

ss 10

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