K-Drama Reaction: Be Melodramatic | Episodes 13-14

Are we really nearing the end of this drama? I enjoy watching it so much it doesn’t feel like it’s going to end soon. I see myself so immersed in the lives of our main characters that the separation anxiety is slowly creeping in. I don’t want this to end just yet. I want to see more of Jin-joo, Eun-jung, and Han-joo! Can we have a Season 2, please?

Anyway, these two episodes were lighter than the rest of the series as we are gifted with so many adorable scenes and endless bickering from almost everyone. Jin-joo and Beom-soo started dating, and was greeted with a hilarious relationship concern – farting. What started as a harmless home visit ended up as a legit bump in the road for the couple. Beom-soo wanted to surprise Jin-joo at her studio but as he was hiding, he caught Jin-joo doing aegyo and eventually heard her fart. Of course, Jin-joo was caught off guard by the unexpected presence of her new boyfriend-slash-director and acted really awkwardly. Their episode-long debacle was dealt with a very “Be Melodramatic” way – a realization that goes way beyond simple flatulence. Jin-joo and Beom-soo clearly reached a certain comfort level early on in their relationship in which Beom-soo and his ex Sol-bi never achieved before (as evidenced by that song composed by Sol-bi). This means that since they have embraced passing gas with one another, they have crossed an uncomfortable line that they do not want to ever have to do again with someone else. Sol-bi mentioned how Beom-soo would get mad when he heard her fart, but with Jin-joo, it’s completely fine.

Be Melo 13-14 (3)

Also, (yes, we’re still in the farting issue), I loved how this arc was utilized to demonstrate the strong love between Jin-joo’s parents. Eomonni’s right. They have reached a point where a harmless fart would be a big deal, and it’s not because of those fartless years, but it’s because of their age. They are at the last quarter of their married lives and as much as possible they would want to reach the end together. In sickness and in health, remember?

Be Melo 13-14 (18).jpg

Can we just all agree that Ha-yoon should just get ahold of herself and move on? Girl, have self-respect at the very least. This relationship is going down the drain, save yourself from it. It’s not worth it going back to a relationship that you’ve ruined yourself in the first place. Jae-hoon is trying to move forward with his life now, and I sincerely hope Ha-yoon would learn to let go, too.

Be Melo 13-14 (14).jpg

But then again, who am I to judge them when they are the ones involved in the relationship, right? Maybe the drama is not completely transparent with us. Maybe there’s more to Ha-yoon and Jae-hoon’s relationship than meets the eye. Maybe the foundation is really strong and this is just a phase. I don’t know. As much as I wanted them to break up for good already, I can only hope for the best for them. After all, we only have two episodes left for us to invest in them as a couple with renewed love for each other.


@maknaeahjumma shared that it feels like we are watching the making of “Be Melodramatic” by watching “Be Melodramatic.” I say what a clever way to incorporate the behind-the-scene elements of production into the drama itself! Especially the casting of big stars, the supporting cast, the product placements! That PPL on the massage chair was ingenious!!!!


What a cute revelation about Sang-soo’s real personality. I liked what they did to his character – the foul-mouthed director is apparently a philanthropist? Who would have thought? I know it’s still too early for Eun-jung to find a new love at this point because she has to heal first, but Sang-soo would make a good complement to her personality. I can see them as good friends. I hope they become really good friends.

Be Melo 13-14 (15).jpg


I’m sad and glad at the same time because the show is tackling these issues through Hyo-bong and Mun-su’s points of view. Being evicted from a restaurant when all you wanted was just to simply have lunch… this could be interpreted by others as no big deal, but these mundane things are what the LBGTQ+ people are struggling with on a daily basis. They are being discriminated at the most unexpected places during the most normal times of the day. What harm would it cost for that restaurant if they would allow Hyo-bong and Mun-su to eat peacefully? At the end of the day, gay or not, they are still customers willing to pay for their meal.

I have been shipping Writer Jung with In-jong for the longest time, and I did not expect this ship to become a love triangle so quick! I welcome it though! LOL. Are you on Team In-jong or Team So Depyonim??

Be Melo 13-14 (6)

Ahhh, this scene!!! Jin-joo, Han-joo, Eun-jung, and So-min meet for the first time since their college days as a writer, producer, documentary director, and actress. I’m grinning from ear to ear! Funny how only So-min (being So-min) was the only who treated this reunion as a competition. LOL at this point I’m not even surprised anymore. She kyoot!

I now declare my allegiance to the Han-joo and Jae-hoon ship! :> Please make it happen before the drama ends, jeballlll!

Be Melo 13-14.gif

Chun Woo-hee and Ahn Jae-hong have this super adorable chemistry on and off screen! Check out their own rendition of “Your Shampoo Scent In The Flowers” by Jang Beom-june.

I know you’re all giddy from that rendition but please also check out SAya and Jaeyeon’s version of this OST:

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