Love Strings: Top 10 Unforgettable K-Drama OSTs

This was originally posted on our Facebook Page in 2017.

There’s no doubt that music gives color to every scene. It can either make you cry or make your heart thump, but it will always tug your emotional strings. Here’s our Top 10 Most Memorable K-Drama OSTs.

  • Goblin: The Lonely and Great God
    I Miss You – Soyou
    Even in another life
    And even if you tried to hide yourself
    I’ll find you

ost 1

  • Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    Can You Hear My Heart – Epik High ft Lee Hi
    If I can’t turn things around,
    I know one way would be to accept it
    But I’m standing here
    I’m still standing here 💔

ost 2

  • School 2015: Who Are You
    Reset – Tiger JK ft Jinsil
    Lonely eyes trapped in darkness
    Is there anyone to hold my hand?
    I wanna reset

ost 3

  • Descendants of the Sun
    Always – Yoon Mi-rae
    Even if you take a little time to come back
    Even if you pass over me
    It’s alright, I’ll be here for you

ost 4

  • My Love From the Star
    Hello Goodbye – Hyorin
    You came to me by coincidence and embraced me
    And as we blankly stared at each other, you said goodbye

ost 5

  • Ruler: Master of the Mask
    You and Me From the Start – Bolbbalgan4
    I’ll be your reason
    As if it was always you and me from the start

ost 6

  • Reply 1988
    A Little Girl – Oh Hyuk
    In the cold blowing wind, if you get lonely
    I will always stay by your side

ost 7

  • I Miss You
    Tears are Falling – WAX
    I’m still in the same spot
    Because you might turn around and come back 💔

ost 8

  • Master’s Sun
    Touch Love – Yoon Mi-rae
    It’s ok even if I can’t touch you
    It’s ok even if I can’t hold you
    Lonely love

ost 9

  • Cheese in the Trap
    Our Time – Vanilla Accoustic
    You’re like the sun inside of me
    That I hope will rise in the night sky

ost 10

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