Someone Behind You: Top 10 Korean Horror Films

This was originally posted on our Facebook Page in 2017.

If you want to stay up all night and have the creeps, here’s our Top 10 Korean Horror Films. Don’t look behind, someone may be behind you.

  • Train to Busan – 부산행
    Starring: Gong Yoo (Goblin) , Ma Dong-seok (38 Task Force), Jung Yu-mi (Discovery of Love)
    * Train to Busan premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
    * On 7 August, the film set a record as the first Korean film of 2016 to break the audience record of over 10 million theatergoers
    * The film serves as a reunion for Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-mi after both starring in the 2011 film “The Crucible.”

horror 1

  • A Tale of Two Sisters – 장화, 홍련 (lit. Rose Flower, Red Lotus)
    Starring: Im Soo-jung (Chicago Typewriter), Moon Geun-young (My Little Bride, Cheongdam-dong Alice)
    * Had an American remake entitled “The Uninvited” which was released in 2009.

horror 2

  • Spellbound – 오싹한 연애
    Starring: Son Ye-jin (The Classic, Endless Love: Summer Scent), Lee Min-ki (Because This is My First Life)
    * The film is the perfect blend of rom-com and horror.

horror 3

  • Wishing Stairs – 고괴담 (also known as Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs)
    Starring: Song Ji-hyo (Princess Hours, Ex-Girlfriend Club), Park Han-byul (Borg Mom)

horror 4

  • Cinderella – 신데렐라
    Starring: Do Ji-won (Seven Day Queen), Shin Se-kyung (Sensory Couple, Bride of Habaek)

horror 5

  • Death Bell – 피의 중간고사
    Starring: Lee Beom-soo (Prime Minister and I), Yoon Jung-hee (Tasty Life), Nam Gyu-ri (Yeah, That’s How It Is)

horror 6

  • The Host – 괴물 (lit. Monster)
    Starring: Song Kang-ho (A Taxi Driver), Byun Hee-bong (Pinocchio), Bae Doona (Jupiter Ascending)
    * The Host premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2006.

horror 7

  • The Red Shoes – 분홍신
    Starring: Kim Hye-soo (Signal), Kim Sung-soo (Full House)
    * Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Red Shoes.”

horror 8

  • Someone Behind You
    Starring: Yoon Jin-seo (Sensory Couple), Park Ki-woong (Secretly Greatly), Lee Ki-woo (The Classic, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)
    * Based on manhwa “It’s Two People” and was released in US at the 2009 After Dark Horrorfest film festival with the title “Voices.”

horror 9

  • The Doll Master – 인형사
    Starring: Kim Yoo-mi (Cruel City), Shim Hyung-tak (My Sassy Girl, SBS)

horror 10

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