In Spotlight: Bae Suzy Filmography

It’s unquestionable that Bae Suzy, more known by the mononym Suzy, is one of the prettiest faces in the Korean showbiz industry, but hers stunning visuals, unfortunately, don’t exempt her acting skills from being put under the scrutiny.

In the Korean entertainment industry, where competition among actors to land a lead role is tough, it’s no shock that a lot of idols received so much criticism for being given major projects despite having no acting credentials. And though some have proven critics wrong like NaNa and Yoon Eun-hye, others took longer to convince viewers they’re deserving to be called actors—and that includes Suzy.

Suzy is the main visual of the group Miss A and is known for her beauty and singing prowess. She debuted through the musical drama Dream High where she played an aspiring singer which felt very tailor-cut for her. She then gained the nickname ‘Nation’s First Love’ after playing Lee Je-hoon’s leading lady in Architecture 101. But despite these successful projects, Suzy was constantly being criticized for her acting that rumors saying she had to refuse the main role in Cheese in the Trap because of the pressure from the netizens who were demanding a ‘better actress.’ Then, she was given high-profile projects like The Sound of a Flower and Uncontrollably Fond which sadly didn’t change the viewers’ perception on her acting skills. But now with her current drama While You Were Sleeping, Suzy is slowly converting critics to followers while playing the future-seeing reporter Nam Hong-joo.

Real-life reporters are even praising her for her effort to convey a realistic portrayal of a broadcaster. I personally think that given the right roles, Suzy can surely transition into a good actress. Ahjummamshies, let’s welcome! Bae Suzy!!!

Dream High (KBS2 / 2010-2011) – Go Hye-mi

suzy 2

Architecture 101 | 2012 – Yang Seo-yeon

suzy 3

Big (KBS2 / 2012) – Jang Ma-Ri

suzy 4

Gu Family Book | (MBC / 2013) – Dam Yeo-Wool

suzy 5

My Love From the Star |  (SBS / 2013-2014) – Ko Hye-Mi (ep.17, cameo)

suzy 6

The Sound of a Flower | (2015) – Jin Chae-Sun

suzy 7

Uncontrollably Fond | (KBS2 / 2016) – No Eul

suzy 8

While You Were Sleeping | (SBS / 2017) – Nam Hong-Joo

suzy 9

Vagabond | (SBS / 2019) – Go Hae-Ri

suzy 10

Start-Up | (tvN / 2020) – Seo Dal-mi

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actress’ filmography.

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