Ahjummas’ Picks Year-end Special: Favorite Soundtracks of 2019

Listening to K-drama soundtracks on repeat is and will always be part of a K-drama fan’s routine. These theme songs accompanied us in different kinds of scenes; whether it’s sweet or heartbreaking. That’s why they make us remember a specific K-drama moment whenever we press the play button.

Here’s a list of K-drama theme songs from 2019 that you should definitely include in your playlist!

Maknae’s Choice:

Maybe by Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) – Her Private Life

This song perfectly accompanied Ryan Gold and Sung Dok-mi’s journey. It really matched that uncertain yet good feeling of wondering if you’re already falling in love with someone.

A Poem Called You (Taeyeon) – Hotel Del Luna

This is now my go-to sad song on days I want to be sentimental. Taeyeon is a great interpreter of ballads and she did a splendid job of evoking heartbreaking emotions. It’s also a good standalone song you can listen to even if you didn’t watch Hotel Del Luna (but how dare you missed out on this one).

The Nights That I Miss You (L) – Angel’s Last Mission: Love

This series has a good soundtrack you can dig in when you want to reminisce Lee Yeon-seo and Angel Dan’s heartbreak moments; especially when Dan was away from Yeon-seo. And if you’re an Inspirit or an L fan, you definitely agree that this song suits our man’s voice tone really well.

Tipsy Findings:

A little disclaimer from your K-Drama drunkard ahjumma. I recently found my real-life Ryan Gold 😉 so, yes, my choices will be comprised of sappy love songs and feel good tracks. You’ve been warned. ❤

Fall In Luv (Henry) – Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung

Watching Cha Eun-woo’s glorious visual is already a treat in itself, now combine that with Henry’s soothing voice and you get this song. The track fondly describes how the world is filled with rainbow once your heart starts to beat for someone. It’s the kind of song that makes you smile and reminds you of that unforgettable moment when you knew you’d fallen in love.

Sweeter (Jess Penner) – Angel’s Last Mission

I always appreciate it when an English song finds its way into the K-drama land, so Sweeter is a must-listen for me. It’s a cheerful and upbeat track but the ukulele makes it sound calming at the same time. The song affectionately captures Angel Dan and Lee Yeon-seo’s heart-thumping moments. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think the melody screams wedding bells, kekeke.

Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers (Chun Woo-hee, Ahn Jae-hong) – Be Melodramatic

This has been my go-to shower song, karaoke song, and road trip song for the past months. And though the track actually talks about missing and longing for someone, there’s something about the thought that a person “smells the scent of your shampoo in the swaying flowers” that makes it endearing. I can’t help but remember how this track played a vital part in the build-up of Im Jin-joo and Son Beom-soo’s love line.

Because we love this LSS-inducing song, here’s Jang Beom-jun’s original version:

The Frown Crown:

Moonlight (Hyunsang Ha) – Be Melodramatic

This was my most played soundtrack of 2019. It’s on loop from the time I clocked in for work until my commute back home. It’s that good. But to be fair, I love the entire OST library of Be Melodramatic. I always remember Jeon Yeo-bin’s Eun-jung’s character development while listening to this song.

Oh My Angel (Chai) – Angel’s Last Mission: Love

I feel like I always associate drama soundtracks with how I felt while watching their scenes. From there, I develop this certain connection with the drama I love because of how I felt while listening to their original soundtracks. This song best described the love between Angel Dan and Yeon-seo, a kind of love that transcended heaven and earth.

When I See You on TV (Lee Da-hee) – Search: WWW

My love for Scarlet and Seol Ji-hwan was fostered by this song. It’s just a plus that Lee Da-hee was the one singing it. The lyrics, the beat, and the overall vibe of the song summarized the cute relationship of Search:WWW‘s second couple – perfect.



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