Netflix to premiere ‘My Holo Love’ on February 2020

The upcoming Netflix original series “My Holo Love” starring Go Sung-hee (Suits) and Yoon Hyun-min (Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter) will be released globally on February 7, 2020.

Go Sung-hee will appear as So-yeon, an aloof girl with Prosopagnosia or a face blindness disorder. Yoon Hyun-min has taken on the role as Nan-do, an AI developer who creates his own hologram named Holo. As So-yeon becomes a beta tester for Holo (also to be played by Yoon Hyun-min), Nan-do begins to have feelings for her while watching them interact.

My Holo Love is directed by Lee Sang-yeop (Familiar Wife, Shopaholic Louis) and written by screenwriter Ryu Yong-jae (Time Between Dog and Wolf, Pied Piper).


Source: Netflix

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