2019 Favorites: The Frown Crown

It’s always hard to trim down dramas that we learned to love every year. But it’s a good kind of dilemma, right? Sometimes, I even surprise myself that once it’s time to choose my favorites, the ones that are easily on top of mind don’t make it to the final cut. It’s a yearly tradition in this humble blog of ours, but it’s still hard to pick just only three. Now, hear me out why these series were my strongest ones this year:

3. The Fiery Priest


I still regret the time I decided not to review this drama. It saved me from my months-long slump. It’s a hilarious watch. It had great casting and chemistry. The comedy was on point and they were delivered in perfect beat. While I can’t stress enough how much I raved about this drama earlier this year, I’d like to make it up to The Fiery Priest by including it in my top 3. The plot might not be flawless but if you’re looking for something that will heal you from the toughness of the world, you should give it a try. I promise you won’t be able to stop yourself. Let Father Hae-il save you through his foul-mouthed sermons and flying fists!

2. Be Melodramatic


I think I’ve written enough in this blog how much I loved this series that I no longer need to elaborate it. For all of us who are not young anymore but still not old enough, this is the perfect getaway drama from the pressures of life. The bond between the three friends are enough to remind us that wherever we are in life right now, we’ll all make it eventually. The journey is not yet over if you’re still struggling. I hope Jin-joo, Eun-jung, and Han-joo’s stories inspire you to never feel bad about yourself even if you fail or even if things hurt. Be Melodramatic shows us the deeper meaning of healing through forgiving oneself.

1. The Light in Your Eyes


I know my top choice is a bit unexpected, even to myself. It’s a melodrama, a cry fest at that, but the surprising twist of events were just too perfect to ignore. I came in to this drama because the premise seemed to be fun, and I really wanted to witness how Nam Joo-hyuk would be able to keep up with Han Ji-min and Kim Hye-ja. It was introduced as a time-slip drama with a romance undertone, but little did I know this drama would cause me to shed the most tears this year. It was a short series celebrating life, at the same time felt like an ode to our parents. It’s one of those dramas that I could confidently say had a clever, well-written script in this generation. I’m happy to leave this decade knowing Hye-ja and her colorful journey.

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