Ahjummas’ Picks Year-end Special: Favorite 2019 K-drama Couple

A year-end special wouldn’t be complete without these K-drama ‘loveteams’ we shipped and cheered for!

So, we present to you couples who made our heart pit-a-pat throughout 2019!

Maknae’s Choice:

Kwon Jung-rok and Oh Jin-sim (Lee Dong-wook/Yoo In-na) – Touch Your Heart

touch your heart

Touch Your Heart is that K-drama fan service we’re waiting for. We all know how heartbreaking Grim Reaper and Sunny’s story is on Goblin, so it was nice to see them have a light-hearted journey in Touch Your Heart. Kwon Jung-rok was so rational in tackling his differences with Oh Jin-sim but he can be romantic when needed. This

Ryan Gold and Sung Dok-mi (Kim Jae-wook/Park Min-young) – Her Private Life

her private life

Ryan Gold could rival Kwon Jung-rok in terms of doing “boyfriend goals” things for the love of their lives. If Jung-rok is the Mr. Right of every pink-loving-drama-queens, Ryan Gold is the ultimate boyfriend of all fangirls out there. Sung Dok-mi hit the jackpot getting a supportive and understanding man like Ryan Gold.

Haru and Eun Dan-oh (Ro Woon/Kim Hye-yoon) – Extraordinary You


Eun Dan-oh is that female character that doesn’t settle for less and Haru is definitely her perfect match. This high school couple’s fight against their “set-up” is no joke but their in-between moments were really cute and sweet. They’ll surely make you miss your days with your first love.

Tipsy Findings:

Son Bom-soo and Im Jin-joo (Ahn Jae-hong/Chun Woo-hee) – Be Melodramatic 

Ahn jae hong chun woo hee be melodramatic

Im Jin-joo and Son Beom-soo’s story is so damn adorable because they reminded us how a normal couple would look like at the start of a relationship. They portrayed well the mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, doubt and hope each one of us felt the moment we realized a person is not just a passing stranger in our life but someone we treasure in our hearts. In an oddly charming way, I always remember my boyfriend every darn time I watch Son Beom-soo, kekeke.

No Kyu-tae and Hong Ja-young (Oh Jung-se/Yum Hye-ran) – When The Camellia Blooms

Oh jung se yum hye ran when the camellia blooms

Ahhh, the mayor-wanna-be and the bad-ass lawyer. This couple has a special place in my heart not just because of their cute antics but how they thought us that marriage needs a lot of work. No Kyu-tae and Hong Ja-young reminded the audience the importance of open communication in a relationship and putting your partner’s welfare above yours. I love how Ja-young unni volunteered to be Kyu-tae ahjussi’s lawyer and prevented the cops from illegally arresting him even after their divorce. It’s such a heart-warming moment when the two reminded themselves why they fell in love with each other in the first place.

Kwon Jung-rok and Oh Yoon-seo (Lee Dong-wook/Yoo In-na) – Touch Your Heart

Touch your heart lee dong wook yoo in na

I think there is no doubt that this duo is a visual treat to us, but what I appreciate most about this couple is how they pushed me to consider changing professions and be a lawyer’s secretary. Naaaah, kidding aside, Kwon Jung-rok’s maturity is just heart-melting. At first, I thought he’s going to be mad at Oh Yoon-seo for keeping it a secret that her reason for working in the company is to practice for a role, but the way he understood her position is just beyond words. Whenever I watch them, I always get the thought that “ah, this is how love should look like.”

The Frown Crown:

Hwang Yong-shik and Dong-baek (Kang Ha-neul/Gong Hyo-jin) – When The Camellia Blooms


Yong-shik’s love for Dong-baek may appear to be simple to some people. He fell in love instantly but deeply. He was always ready to confess his feelings for her any time of the day. He always brought her flowers. He comforted her when she needed reassurance. He was literally Dong-baek’s safe haven. He listened to her fears and loved her flaws. That’s why there’s no wonder Dong-baek also learned to appreciate him slowly. Loving someone while catching a serial killer, raising a kid, and running a bar could really be overwhelming. But Dong-baek and Yong-shik’s relationship took its time, with  only a sure finish line – and that is to stay together.

Kim Jin-hyuk and Cha Soo-hyun (Park Bo-gum/Song Hye-kyo) – Encounter


At first, this would seem like your typical rich-poor romance drama with a little bit of role reversal because it’s the girl who’s the chaebol. But once you start watching Encounter, it exudes this kind of thoughtfulness and warmth that are so rare in K-dramas nowadays. It’s not your common cutesy romance type. It’s a story of two people who fell in love at the most unexpected time in their lives, and stayed together through all the difficulties. What made me include Jin-hyuk and Soo-hyun in this Best Couple list was the sincerity that I felt while watching the two of them face all the challenges in their relationship. Their break-up (initiated by Soo-hyun) was done in the most natural way that I didn’t even feel Song Hye-kyo’s character became a noble idiot. I agreed that it was the best thing to do if I were in her shoes. But my admiration was on Park Bo-gum’s character for not pressuring her into the relationship. I loved how Jin-hyuk really waited for Soo-hyun to come back to him at her own pace, and accepted her again wholeheartedly. Here’s my favorite quote from the drama:

“You can break up with me. But I’m still going to love you. Let’s make another bet. Either we’ll break up like you wish, or love will conquer like I say.”

Seol Ji-hwan and Cha Hyeon (Lee Jae-wook/Lee Da-hee) – Search: WWW


If my bias for Lee Jae-wook isn’t showing yet in our site’s year-end series, I don’t know anymore. My love for this couple is enough to last me until 2020. I can’t translate how much good vibes Scarlet and her actor gave me this year. I slept smiling and woke up smiling because of them. I was so happy to see Scarlet’s journey from being a makjang fan, to a fan girl of this talented “nugu” actor, to a manager-turned-girlfriend of the now popular celebrity. Not to mention Lee Jae-wook and Lee Da-hee’s visuals were really outstanding, but IMHO, their love story was even better than the drama’s OTP.

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