Ahjummas’ Picks Year-end Special: Most Unforgettable Scenes of 2019

From tearjerker confrontations to romantic confessions, 2019 K-dramas have them all. To celebrate the end of the year, here are our picks of scenes that we’ll surely remember for a long time!

Maknae’s Choice:

Hotel del Luna – Ko Chungmyung and Manweol’s reunion

If you’ve read my series review for Hotel del Luna, you definitely know that I stayed on the sinking ship of Chungmyung and Manweol until the end. As I’ve said, their reunion was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Both Lee Do-hyun and IU were really good in this scene. They perfectly convey the longing of their characters through their performance. It was as if they’re saying hello and goodbye at the same time.

Be Melodramatic – Hug Me scene

This is the turning point for Lee Eun-jung’s character in Be Melodramatic. The relief on Jeon Yeo-bin’s face when her friends hugged her pierced my heart. It was short but it was everything. It was the perfect culmination of Eun-jung’s denial of her grief.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love – Lee Yeon-seo at Secretary Jo’s funeral

There’s no denying that Shin Hye-sun is a talented actress but she still managed to surprise me in this scene. She laughed, then grieved. She perfectly pulled off this complicated heavy scene.

Tipsy Findings:

SKY Castle – Cha Min-hyuk confronts his daughter, Cha Se-ri

If you want to see a drama that’s full of unforgettable moments from the start up to the finale, then you should binge watch Sky Castle. This confrontation scene between Cha Min-hyuk and his daughter, Se-ri, is an illustration of the caliber of the actors in this series. What I appreciate most in this scenario is how the characters watching the confrontation are playing a big part in the whole drama and were not just mere spectators. No Seung-hye’s silent cry is heart-piercing, and her scream at the end is like a splash of cold water in the face.

Kingdom – Major twist/cliffhanger

I don’t think I need to explain this. It’s the cliff-hanger, the spine-chiller, the biggest revelation of the K-Dramaverse this year. It’s not the sun. It’s the temperature!

Be Melodramatic – Jin-joo gives new shoes to Ji-young’s boyfriend

Many may have not noticed this scene. It does not include a throng of running zombies nor a dramatic confrontation between characters. It’s just a plain and an uncomplicated sequence, yet it did pull a string in my heart. It started off with Im Jin-joo’s sister, Im Ji-young, complaining to her that all she does with her boyfriend is walk. Jin-joo, being the lovable but blunt sister that she is, straightforwardly told her dongsaeng that it’s because her boyfriend is poor.

Later, Ji-young was shown tying the laces of her boyfriend’s new shoes, which Jin-joo bought for them. She even complimented how he has sturdy legs. She then stood up, hugged her boyfriend and told him that they should go for a walk. I got teary eyed with how the simplicity of the moment showed the pureness of love. That the circumstances may not be comfortable or we may have a hard time, but we will always choose to be with the person that made the sad world a little brighter. Because at the end of the day, we don’t only love when it’s convenient.

Honorary Mention – When Camellia Blooms

Maybe it’s not the scene per se, but Dong-baek’s line here.

When the camellia blooms quotes kdrama line

May we all celebrate our everyday miracles. Cheers to a New Year uri ahjummamshies! Have a wonderful and an oppaful 2020. ❤

The Frown Crown:

Search: WWW: Seol Ji-hwan pretending to be Scarlet’s boyfriend

This couple almost bagged every single category in my year-end best. Who would not love their cute story line? This specific scene made me smile the entire day! An old drama cliche, but it still managed to give that refreshing light romance vibe because it was done with taste. Can I also hire Seol Ji-hwan as my pretend boyfriend for a day, please?

Be Melodramatic: Jin-joo and Hwan-dong’s closure

I liked this scene even when I was reviewing the drama. Jin-joo taught all us (including Hwan-dong) about letting our past memories and regrets just be that – the past. As I said in my previous drama reaction, the things that she looked forward to now with Beom-soo outweighed the regrets she had while being with Hwan-dong. Things had changed and she was not the same Jin-joo as before. It was a beautiful love that ended, and I was satisfied with how the story ended for Hwan-dong, too.

When The Camellia Blooms: Yong-shik’s birthday surprise for Dong-baek

This one is pretty recent, but it’s definitely on my list of all-time favorites now. It gave me the assurance that Yong-shik really, wholeheartedly loves Dong-baek. She lived a very lonely life before she met Yong-shik, and while her fears were all valid because of what she went through growing up, Yong-shik made sure that Dong-baek would start to realize that she deserved to be loved, too. He didn’t break Dong-baek’s wall. He climbed up.

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