Park Hae-jin, Jo Bo-ah’s drama to finally air on KBS this month

Pre-produced drama Forest” (formerly known as “Secret”) starring Park Hae-jin (Man to Man) and Jo Bo-ah (My Strange Hero) has finally found its home under KBS. It will be airing on the channel’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot previously held by “Woman of 9.9 Billion” starting January 29.

Forest revolves around the lives of people with painful emotional scars who hope to discover the true meaning of love and happiness by joining a gathering called Miryung Forest. The hero Kang San-hyuk (played by Park Hae-jin) is a sharp air rescuer who has no memories of his childhood. He is a smart and ambitious member of the 119 special rescue team who is passionate about wealth and honor.

The heroine Jung Young-jae (played by Jo Bo-Ah) is an enthusiastic surgical resident. She and Kang San-hyuk must live together in Miryung Forest and eventually uncovers a secret about themselves and the forest.

Other cast members include Ryu Seung-soo, Jung Yeon-joo, Lee Do-kyung, Lee Si-hoon, and Min Joon-hyun.

The 20-episode drama is directed by Oh Jong-rok (Piano, Style, Snow White Princess).

Here are some stills released early last year featuring Park Hae-jin:

Park Hae-jin to lead first rom-com drama



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