Ji Chang-wook, Kim You-jung confirmed in new drama

Ji Chang-wook (Melting Me Softly) and Kim Yoo-jung (Clean With Passion For Now) are now both confirmed to lead the upcoming drama adaptation of the webtoon “Convenience Store Saet-byul” (literal title).

The original webtoon is a love story between convenience store owner and his part-time employee.

Ji Chang-wook is set to play as the hero Choi Dae-hyun, a handsome goofball who now runs a convenience store after leaving his corporate job. Kim You-jung will play as his love interest named Jung Saet-byul, a quirky part-timer at the convenience store who wants to make a fresh start in her life.

The drama will be helmed by producing director (PD) Lee Myung-woo (The Fiery Priest). It is currently scheduled to premiere sometime this fall.

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