In Spotlight: Go Sung-hee Filmography

Go Sung-hee may not be a familiar name to drama fans especially when she’s only done a handful of lead roles in her series of dramas and films. However, her followers can attest that she has the ability to make her characters memorable no matter how little screen time she’s given. Currently, she stars as the lead actress of the Netflix-produced series My Holo Love as an aloof girl with face blindness disorder, who becomes a beta tester for a hologram modeled after its creator.

She’s known for playing a prosecutor who’s determined not to lose a single case in the fantasy-legal drama While You Were Sleeping. She also played the missing wife in My Beautiful Bride, the girl who two-timed Jo Jung-suk and Go Kyung-pyo’s characters in Jealousy Incarnate, and Lee Yeon-hee’s rival in Miss Korea. Her first leading role was in Night Watchman’s Journal opposite actor Jung Il-woo. 

She is set to appear in the upcoming historical drama Wind and Cloud and Rain as Princess Lee Bong-ryeon, daughter of King Cheoljong during the Joseon era.

Miss Korea (MBC / 2013-2014) – Kim Jae-hee

Go Sung-hee Miss Korea

Fasten Your Seatbelt | Roller Coaster (Movie / 2013) – Flight Attendant Minamito

Go Sung-hee FYS

An Ethics Lesson (Movie / 2013) – Jin-a

Go Sung-hee An Ethics Lesson

Diary Of A Night Watchman (MBC / 2014) – Do-ha

Go Sung-hee NWJ

Spy  (KBS2 / 2015) – Lee Yoon-jin

Go Sung-hee Spy

My Beautiful Bride (OCN / 2015) – Yoon Joo-young

Go Sung-hee My Beautiful Bride

Jealousy Incarnate (SBS / 2016) – Oh Soo-young

Go Sung-hee Jealousy Incarnate

While You Were Sleeping (SBS / 2017) – Shin Hee-min

Go Sung-hee WYWS

Mother (tvN / 2018) – Ja-young

Go Sung-hee Mother

Suits (KBS2 / 2018) – Kim Ji-na

Go Sung-hee Suits

Ms. Ma, Nemesis (SBS / 2018) – Seo Eun-ji

Go Sung-hee Ms Ma Nemesis

Trade Your Love (Movie / 2019) – Hae-joo

Go Sung-hee Trade Your Love

My Holo Love (Netflix / 2020) – So-yeon

Go Sung-hee Holo

King Maker: The Change of Destiny (TV Chosun/2020) – Hwang Bong-ryeon

*This post first appeared on the Ahjummamshies’ Facebook page. Minor edits were made to update Go Sung-hee’s filmography.

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