In Spotlight: Jung Hae-in Filmography

Jung Hae-in is a relatively new actor compared to the actors of his age. He first made an appearance on AOA Black’s music video for “Moya” in 2013 and only made his official debut in 2014 via the fantasy drama Bride of the Century.

He then went on to play various supporting roles such as Ahn Jae-hyun’s best friend in Blood and a bodyguard to Night Light. He also made memorable cameos including Kim Go-eun’s crush in Goblin.

Now, he’s stealing every fangirl’s heart playing the kind and handsome cop Woo-tak in While You Were Sleeping. Admit it! You’re surprised (and delighted) to see his ripped body! His streak in choosing successful dramas continued with tvN’s Prison Playbook, wherein he starred as Captain Yoo, a commanding officer who was falsely accused over the death of his subordinate.

Jung Hae-in has been active since then as one of the in-demand leading men in South Korea through the dramas Something in the Rain and One Spring Night, both of which were directed by award-winning director Ahn Pan-seok. In 2020, there’s no resting for this oppa as he returned to our small screens in the ongoing MBC series A Piece of Your Mind.

Moreover, our cute oppa already completed his military enlistment at the age of 23. Ahjummamshies, let’s welcome to the roll – Jung Hae-in!

Bride of the Century (TV Chosun / 2014) – Choi Kang-in

1_Bride of the Century

The Three Musketeers (tvN / 2014) – Ahn Min-seo

2_The Three Musketeers

The Youth (Movie / 2014) – Park Man-jae (segment “Wonderwall”)

3_The Youth

Blood (KBS2 / 2015) – Joo Hyun-woo


Salute D’Amour (Movie / 2015) – Kim Sung-chil (young)

5_Salute D'Amour

Reply 1988 (tvN / 2015-2016) – Ho-young (cameo)

6_Reply 1988

Yeah, That’s How It Is (SBS / 2016) – Yoo Se-joon

7_Yeah, That's How It Is

Night Light (MBC / 2016) – Tak

8_Night Light

Goblin (tvN / 2016-2017) – Choi Tae-hee


The King’s Case Note (Movie / 2017) – Heuk-woon

10_The King’s Case Note

While You Were Sleeping (SBS / 2017) – Han Woo-tak

11_While You Were Sleeping

Conspiracy – Age of Rebellion (Movie / 2017) – Kim Ho

12_Heung-Boo The Revolutionist

Prison Playbook (tvN / 2017-2018) – Yoodaewi (Captain Yoo)

13_Prison Playbook

Heung-boo: The Revolutionist (Movie / 2018) – King Heonjong


Something in the Rain (JTBC / 2018) – Seo Joon-hee


Tune in for Love (Movie / 2019) – Hyun-woo

15_Tune in For Love

One Spring Night (MBC / 2019) – Yu Ji-ho

16_One Spring Night

Start-Up (Movie / 2019) – Sang-pil


A Piece of Your Mind (tvN / 2020) – Ha Won

18_A Piece of Your Mind

*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actor’s filmography.

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