K-Lookbook: Power Dressing

Gone are the days when Power Dressing is considered as just a fashion trend in which women wear suits to emulate men in the workforce. These days, Power Dressing means empowering oneself by wearing clothes that make us feel the most confident.

Before Women’s Month ends, I collected some of the recent K-drama characters who exude this feminine brand of power.

Search: WWW Main Three

The three main leads of Search: WWW are owning their boss lady status not just with their industry expertise but also with their clothing choices. Each of their wardrobes excellently showed the contrasting personalities of Bae Ta-mi (Im Soo-jung), Cha Hyun (Lee Da-hee), and Song Ka-kyung (Jeon Hye-jin).

The show’s main lead Bae Ta-mi’s outfits were formal and on the minimalist side. There would be a pop of colors here and there but she sticks to neutral colors. Her clothes reflect her uptight façade and hint that she also has a bright and softer side.

Being the youngest of the three, Cha Hyun (Lee Da-hee) had the luxury to be more experimental and playful with her style. She was fearless throughout the whole series and that was very much shown in her outfits as well.

Song Ka-kyung (Jeon Hye-jin), on the other hand, could be a mix of both Ta-mi’s formal style but with Cha Hyun’s bold colors. Her character prefers suits and she proved they can be sexier than a dress.

Itaewon’s Love Rival

Itaewon Class’ Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-mi) and Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Na-ra) competed for Park Saeroyi’s affection throughout the series. What made their rivalry exciting to watch was the two female leads’ contrasting personalities which was mirrored in their outfit choices.

At the start of the series, Jo Yi-seo rocked clothes in dark hues and preferred leather or other similar textiles. Even her ombre hair screamed her identity as a societal rebel; something that Oh Soo-ah never did. Soo-ah was a by-the-book kind of character so it was no surprise she was on the classier side of styling. It echoed her status as a career woman compared to Yi-seo’s edgy street style.

Part of Itaewon Class’ appeal to its audience was its great character developments, and it was also shown in both Yi-seo and Soo-ah’s wardrobe change. Yi-seo took on more mature pieces but with unique details that made her stand out. While Soo-ah stuck with her choices of prints but her outfits in later episodes were seen lighter and fresher.

Speaking of growth, we’ve seen Ma Hyun-hyi’s (Lee Joo-young) style improve from baggy shirts to those that showed her authentic self. She definitely used her style as a statement that this is a new life she wanted to live.

Be Melodramatic’s Housemates

Unlike the first two series, the main leads of Be Melodramatic shared almost identical pieces. It was because the main leads Im Jin-Joo (Chun Woo-hee), Lee Eun-Jung (Jeon Yeo-bin), and Hwang Han-Joo (Han Ji-eun) were long-time friends who shared the same values and influenced each other’s life decisions. Their outfits were similar to certain nuances that made it differently. The three have a comfortable and feminine lookbook throughout the series.

SKY Castle Samonims:

Ever wonder what style goal you should have in the future? The four Madame of SKY Castle is the way to go. Their outfits were sometimes overlooked because of the series’ dramatic and intense plotline but it is time to showcase their fashion choices. The three original tenants of SKY Castle exudes elegance in their every attire.

Han Seo-jin (Yum Jung-ah) prefers pearls and classic fabrics while Jin Jin-hee (Oh Na-ra) has the show’s daring garbs. No Seung-hye (Yoon Se-ah) is the most feminine of them all with her skirts and puffs commanding attention in her every scene. Lee Soo-im (Lee Tae-ran), on the other hand, is a hippie mom that prefers comfortable clothing but still shows the best version of herself.


Go Hye-ran’s (Kim Nam-joo) dark lipstick and short hair combo should not be left off a list about stylish women. Her make-up alone could catch everyone’s attention but her outfits contribute to her confident aura as well.


Whether you like bold pieces or classier apparel, the most important thing is that those clothes help you express yourself in the best way you can.

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