3x the Charm: Top 10 K-Drama Love Triangles

K-dramas are notorious for introducing us to TV’s most loved (or hated?) second leads. In fact, I know you can mention your favorite one right now on the spot. And behind all those fluffy love confessions and almost-love scenarios lie a love triangle that’s bound to carve a dent in our memories forever. In celebration of our third birthday, we thought of listing down all the love trios who were remarkable not only for fighting for their love but also for being heartbreaking at the same time. Here’s a treat for all suckers of love triangles out there:

  • Haru x Eun Dan-oh x Baek Kyung (Extraordinary You)

Can we all agree that somehow we all wanted to have Dan-oh’s dilemma – Rowoon or Lee Jae-wook? 😅

Credit: thekpophit
  • Crown Prince Lee Sun x Han Ga-eun x Commoner Lee Sun (Ruler: Master of the Mask)

Ga-eun can have the prince. I’ll gladly love the pauper for myself!

  • Ko Chung-myung x Jang Man-weol x Ku Chan-sung (Hotel Del Luna)

It’s like choosing between your first love or your true love… who is Man-weol’s one great love?

Del Luna
Credit: thingskateknows
  • Han Se-joo x Jeon Seol x Yoo Jin-oh (Chicago Typewriter)

This love triangle transcended time and space. It’s so strong they reunited even after reincarnation.

Credit: aminoapps
  • Jo Yi-seo x Park Sae-royi x Oh Soo-ah (Itaewon Class)

This one’s a pretty easy choice for Saeroyi, of course. Why would you choose to be with a selfish prick, right? No amount of comeback could redeem Soo-ah’s betrayal from the start.

  • Ahn Min-hyuk x Do Bong-soon x In Gook-doo (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon)

Male 1 fights Male 2 for Female’s love OR Male 1 fights Female to get Male 2’s attention.  You choose.

Strong Woman
Credit: weheartit
  • Wang Won x Eun San x Wang Rin (The King Loves)

The drama created quite a stir between fandoms for each of the male leads. Though the ending was controversial, my RinSan heart waz satisfied!

  • Ye Jae-wook x Woo Bo-young x Shin Min-ho (A Poem A Day)

Dr. Ye Jae-wook is the man you marry while playful Shin Min-ho is the guy you date. I want Woo Bo-young’s love problem, too.

  • Yoo Hyun-jae x Choi Woo-seung x Lee Ji-hoon (The Best Hit)

This one’s pretty bizarre – a father and son tandem loving the same girl!

  • Jung Jae-chan x Nam Hong-joo x Han Woo-tak(While You Were Sleeping)

The DREAM team – the dramagods decided to bless us with two competent leading men who would be at par with Suzy’s visuals.

Credit: omonatheydidnt

*This list only covers 2017-2020 from the time ahjummamshies started out as a blog.

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