In Spotlight: Chae Soo-bin Filmography

It’s only been six years since Chae Soo-bin made her acting debut, but she has already starred in more than a dozen projects. She started with supporting roles in dramas such as Spy, Bluebird House, and Sassy Go, Go, but it’s her character in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds that had her popularity shoot up.

She took on her first lead role in the saeguk Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People, and made a lasting impression to viewers. She also appeared opposite Go Kyung-pyo in the comedy Strongest Deliveryman.

Her presence grew in the international scene through her remarkable performance as the robot Aji-3 and the human Jia in the hit series I’m Not A Robot, together with Yoo Seung-ho. Then, she signed on the airport drama Where Stars Land. Now, we can watch her through the romance A Piece of Your Mind alongside heartthrob Jung Hae-in.

Ahjummamshies, let’s welcome this promising actress in the IN SPOTLIGHT roll – actress Chae Soo-bin!

Diary of a Resentful Woman (MBC / 2014) – Cheong

1_Diary of a Resentful Woman

Spy (KBS2 / 2015) – Jo Soo-yeon


House of Bluebird (KBS2 / 2015) – Han Eun-soo

3_House of Bluebird

Sassy Go Go! (KBS2 / 2015) – Kwon Soo-a

4_Sassy Go Go

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (KBS2 / 2016) – Crown Princess Jo Ha-yeon

5_Love in the Moonlight

Shopping King Louis (MBC / 2016) – Wang Mong-sil

8_Shopping King

My Catman (Webdrama / 2016) – Mi-oh

7_My Catman

Sori: Voice From The Heart (Movie / 2016) – Yoo-joo


Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People (MBC / 2017) – Song Ga-ryung


Strongest Deliveryman (KBS2 / 2017) – Lee Dan-a

10_Strongest Deliveryman

If We Were a Season (KBS2 / 2017) – Yoon Hae-rim


I’m Not a Robot (MBC / 2017-2018) – Jo Ji-a / Aji 3

12_Im Not A Robot

Where Stars Land (SBS / 2018) – Han Yeo-reum

13_Where Stars Land

Rosebud (Movie / 2019) – Hyun-a


A Piece of Your Mind (tvN / 2020) – Han Seo-woo

15_A Piece of Your Mind


*This list was originally posted on our Facebook page in 2017. Minor revisions were made to update the actress’ filmography.

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