First Impression: Meow The Secret Boy | Episodes 1-4

They say there are two types of people: some are like dogs – sociable and open; while others are like cats – independent and reclusive. This series takes this quiet literally as the male lead is actually a cat!


Drama Profile:

Title: Welcome / Meow: The Secret Boy
Main Cast: Kim Myungsoo, Shin Ye-eun, Seo Ji-hoon, Yoon Ye-joo, and Kang Hoon
Writer: Go A-ra (webcomic), Joo Hwa-mi (previous series: My Shy Boss; Marriage Not Dating)
Production Director: Ji Byung-hyun (previous series: Lovely Horribly; House of Bluebird; Big)
Network: KBS2
Time-slot: Wednesday and Thursday / 22:00
Episodes: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Romantic-comedy

Plot Synopsis:

Kim Sol-ah, a graphic designer who dreams of becoming a webcomic artist, adopts the cat of his first love’s ex-girlfriend temporarily. Unbeknownst to her, cat Hong Jo transforms into a human.

Major trope: Innocent co-habitation


Maknae’s Impression:

Right after I’ve watched the first four episodes, someone asked me what my impression was. All I could say was it was weird. The plot-line was cute to read but the execution was quite unpersuasive.


The actors did fine but when it comes to premiere episodes, the attractiveness of the series lies on its premise. A fantasy drama needs to make the unbelievable believable for its viewers. The series was mysterious enough to hold my attention for two hours but doubts clouded my head throughout. I wonder if they could sustain such an eccentric plot in the entirety of its run.


Good thing, Kim Myung-soo and Shin Ye-eun have some on-screen sparks going on – a major recipe for a romance drama. Shin Ye-eun did well as the hopeless romantic female lead and struggling webtoon artist Kim Sol-ah. Her introduction as this twenty-something trying to survive as an adult was effective as it elicits some sympathy from me. She instantly made me cheer for her and her future endeavors.



The second lead Lee Jae-sun (Seo Ji-hoon) was also interesting to watch (and an eye-candy too!). He and Shin Ye-eun look good on-screen too so I have to warn you about the possibility of acquiring a second lead syndrome in this series. The potential second couple the anti-social Eun Ji-eun (Yoon Ye-joo) and Sol-ah’s best friend Ko Doo-sik (Kang Hoon) also caught my attention with their budding office romance.


Overall, it was visually fluffy and adorably entertaining to watch but the next episodes need to make the plot more convincing for it to become a success.

p.s: a cat butler’s everyday struggle:




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