Kim Rae-won, Lee Da-hee to star in new tvN sci-fi drama

Kim Rae-won (Black Knight) and Kim Tae-hee (Search: WWW) have both been confirmed to lead the upcoming tvN drama “Luca” (working title). It will be loosely based on Charles Darwin’s famous biological literature “Origin of Species.”

The drama will revolve around the world of genetics with Kim Rae-won portraying the lead character Ji-oh, a man who was thrown into a mysterious world without knowing about his own existence. He possesses a different strength, unlike ordinary humans. He will try to find the answers to this mystery while being chased by unknown people.

Lee Da-hee will appear as the tough yet reckless police detective Gu-reum, who recently got transferred to the Violent Crimes Investigative Unit after investigating on her superior’s corruption. She will meet Ji-oh while on she’s on her own journey to uncover the truth behind her missing parents who disappeared when she was younger.

Luca will be directed by Kim Hong-sun (Voice, The Guest) and will be written by Chun Sung-il (Your Honor, Level 7 Civil Servant).

The drama is scheduled to air in the second half of 2020.

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