Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jae cast in SBS drama “Do You Like Brahms?”

Upcoming SBS musical drama “Do You Like Brahms?” (literal title) recently confirmed the casting of Park Eun-bin (Stove League) and Kim Min-jae (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2) as its lead characters.

The drama will revolve around the lives of students studying music at a prestigious school and the pressure that surrounds them.

Park Eun-bin will play the role of Chae Song-ah, a 29-year-old freshman majoring in violin and instrumental music. She already completed a business degree, but decided to enrol in the university’s music program. Despite this leap of faith, she is still uncertain over her career path while nursing an unrequited love.

Kim Min-jae will star as the elite pianist Park Joon-young, who has been playing the piano since the age of 6. He is an only child and his parents run a small restaurant. He has been winning competitions across the country and receiving scholarships from various cultural foundations since childhood. Using those sponsorships, he was able to go to specialized music schools throughout his youth.

The drama’s script will be written by Ryu Bo-ri while the direction will be under PD Jo Young-min. This will be their reunion project after the 2019 SBS drama special Everything and Nothing.

Do You Like Brahms? aims to premiere on the Monday-Tuesday slot in June.

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