Love in Lockdown: Top Cohabitation K-dramas

At a time when the whole world is on quarantine, I can’t help but think of one notorious K-drama trope that’s been with us since the beginning. Whatever generation you may associate yourself with, you can always think of one specific drama that tackled this one –  cohabitation. Whether it’s forced or not, it’s a surefire way of laying out the perfect scenes to make the two main leads fall in love in the most believable way, as if being reluctant housemates wasn’t a stretch from the start.

And now for a lot of us who are stuck (or safe) at our homes because of this pandemic, let us give you our top choices for K-dramas featuring main leads who are living together by force or by choice. Maybe we can make the most of this era of seclusion and confinement, and dream of our own quarantine love story in this new environment.

Because This Is My First Life


Put in a contract marriage + cohabitation trope induced with slice-of-life sentiments, what more could we ask for? Even the side stories of supporting characters were engaging and well-written! It didn’t have a villain; even the ex-girlfriend was not bitter at all.

Thirty But Seventeen

Thirty But Seventeen

Poignant and memorable – two words that could best describe this one. The drama was about a 17-year-old girl trapped in her own 30-year-old body, and a beta male lead who had his fair share of insecurities. At first, they were reluctant housemates forced by circumstances, but their journey evolved into something deeper. I’d say this drama was more of healing than romance. The love story was just a bonus for us!

It’s Okay, That’s Love

Credit: Tumblr

Drama royalties who gave us the kind of love that could weather through the storm of mental illnesses and traumatic family backgrounds. It showed us that love didn’t mean giving up on the other person just because they did not meet your expectations. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin as housemates?

Legend of the Blue Sea


This modern fairy tale deserved all the hype during its run. It was warm and funny. Jun Ji-hyun was the best fishtail-turned-human ever. Mixed in a trio of con artists and a clueless mermaid into a household, it’s a foolproof formula for a wacky romantic comedy!

Full House

Full House

Back in the day,  Dramafever dubbed it as the benchmark for the romantic comedy genre in K-dramas. Not only it paved the way for cohabitation to become a mainstream trope, it also gave us a classic tandem that could beat even the most contemporary K-drama couples of today.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Credit: Tumblr

The prime of the Hong Sisters… It’s about an aspiring action star who accidentally released a troublesome Gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails, which was sealed inside a painting. Mi-ho would forever be that irreplaceable fantasy character for me.

Suspicious Partner


Who would have thought washing dishes with your housemate could be this sexy? These lawyers surely knew how to make use of their alone time!

Rooftop Prince

rooftop prince

Speaking of house chores, how about doing laundry together while being lovey dovey on the side? Also, this drama still had one of the best wedding scenes in the dramaland. Just no disappearing grooms, please.

My Girl

My Girl

Another good old Hong Sisters drama, another cohabitation story. But this time, it’s about fake cousins slowly falling in love with each other. Serious warning though, this was Lee Joon-gi’s rise to mainstream stardom so prepare for a severe second lead syndrome.

Romance is a Bonus Book

A must-watch drama about the beauty of finding love in second chances. It ended Lee Na-young’s nine-year TV hiatus and became Lee Jong-suk’s first romantic comedy. A story about someone who rose from rock bottom and found a new purpose in her life.


Princess Hours

Credit: Weebly

No long description needed. A quintessential favorite, romantic comedy at its best. Period.

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