Beauty in the Ordinary: Top 10 Real-life Oppas

Undoubtedly, we all have our own reasons when it comes to the difficult and life-changing matter of picking our K-Drama oppas, kekeke. People say there are two types of oppas, the sexy sangnamjas

and the beautiful flower boys.

But after watching Because This is My First Life, I found myself falling for the third type. These are the ones that may not be as tall as Lee Min-ho or have have sculpted abs like Ji Chang-wook but possess their own charm. You can say that they may be as ordinary as the guy you’ll meet in the subway, but I’ve always been a believer that there is beauty in the ordinary. So, let me introduce to you the real-life oppas.

❤ Park Byung-eun

park byung eun

Let me start with the person who’s the inspiration of this list. After watching him as “Ma Depyo” in BTIMFL, I promised to myself that the next time I fall in-love, it’ll be with someone like Ma Depyo whose intentions are pure from the get-go and will show you that you are worth fighting for.

park byung eun btimfl beacause this is my frst life

Where you might have seen this oppa? Aside from playing Ma Depyo in BTIMFL, he also took part in OCN’s Mistress, Voice 3 and Arthdal Chronicles among others.

❤ I’ve been swooning over this new character in Kingdom Season 2, Min Chi-rok, the Royal Commandery chief who investigated the queen and later on became one of Prince Chang’s men. Turns out it was portrayed by no other than Park Byung-eun. Hmmmh, I guess he really is my type.

park byung eun kingdom season 2

Watch out for his upcoming drama Oh My Baby, which will premiere on May 13.

❤ Kang Ki-young

I don’t think this oppa needs any introduction. If you want to have a good time and laugh your heart out, you can always depend on him.

kang ki young handsome magazine

Where you might have seen this oppa? Everywhere! From the sassy sous chef in Oh My Ghost, to the spine-chilling psychopath in While You Were Sleeping, to the funny stay-at-home dad in Terius Behind Me.

kang ki young oh my ghost

In May 2019, he tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend in a private ceremony. Lucky girl!

❤ Ryu Jun-yeol

ryu jun yeol handsome

The other ahjummas can attest to this, I am forever a Team Jung-hwan member. If you’ll ask me to choose my fave Korean actor of all-time, he’s in my top 3. And even though he received a lot of criticisms for his appearance, my eyes will always sparkle for him.

ryu jun yeo reply 1988 cute

Where you might have seen this oppa? Aside from breaking a lot of hearts in Reply 1988, he also top-billed Lucky Romance alongside Hwang Jung-eum.

ryu jun yeol lucky romance

Here’s his first drama appearance in one of the scenes of The Producers.

ryu jun yeol the producers

❤ Ahn Jae-hong

Who would have thought I’d fall hard for Reply 1988‘s Jung-bong? Ahh, the K-Drama genies are indeed daebak.

ahn jae hong handsome

I’ve been giggling like crazy and my heart goes pit-a-pat every time I watch him in Be Melodramatic. He’s so oddly charming that I see my real-life oppa in him.

ahn jae hong reply 1988 jung bongahn jae hong be melodramatic

Where you might have seen this oppa? He may have had your blood boil in Fight for My Way as Kim Joo-man.

ahn jae hong fight for my way

Have you seen his hilarious cameo in The Legend of the Deep Blue Sea as the swindler pastor?

ahn jae hong legend of the deep blue sea

❤ Cha Tae-hyun

I wouldn’t be here if not for this oppa. He  introduced me to the K-cinematic universe with My Sassy Girl and Windstruck when I was in high school, and was never able to escape his charms since then kekeke.

cha tae hyun handsome

Admit it, you once dreamt of having this My Sassy Girl moment. ❤

Where you might have seen this oppa? Cha Tae-hyun got a long list of films and dramas under his belt, but I personally enjoyed Hit the Top and Along With the Gods.

cha tae hyun along with the gods

He will headline the upcoming OCN series Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, which will premiere on May 23.

❤ Jo Hyun-chul

jo hyun chul hotel del luna sanchez handsome

Everyone may be gushing over Koo Chan-sung in  Hotel del Luna but I’ll pick Sanchez in a heartbeat. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for this cutie?

jo hyun chul hotel del luna sanchez

Where you might have seen this oppa? Aside from del Luna, Jo Hyun-chul also took part in Memories of the Alhambra as Yang-joo. And if you’re a K-Pop fan, you might know him as the younger brother of rapper Mad Clown.

jo hyun chul memories of alhambrajpg

Fun fact, oppa actually appeared in the fan-favorite film, Architecture 101 in 2012 alongside Lee Je-hoon.

jo hyun chul architecture 101

❤ Kim Sung-cheol

Oppa caught my attention as “Jailbird” in one of the best 2017 K-Dramas, Wise Prison Life.

kim sung cheol prison playbook

And I fell even deeper after hearing him sing in the two-part series, To. Jenny.

❤ Kim Kyung-nam

Another Wise Prison Life alum makes this list. Before this oppa got his tough guy image, he played the most adorable fan boy in the drama.

kim kyung nam prison playbook

Where you might have seen this oppa? He played Jang Ki-yong‘s tough brother in Come and Hug Me, which gave him the 2018 MBC Drama Best New Actor award.

kim kyung nam come and huge me

Please show him some love as he currently stars in The King: Eternal Monarch.

kim kyung nam the king eternal monarch

❤ Lee Kyu-hyung

Lee Kyu-hyung, I believe, is one of the most versatile actors of his generation. I first noticed him as the devil cloaked in angel wings in the critically acclaimed tvN drama Stranger, also known as Secret Forest.

lee kyu hyung handsome

He then appeared as the hilarious drug addict in Wise Prison Life known as “Looney.” His scenes with Park Ho-san are the funniest in this series.

lee kyu hyung stranger secret forestlee kyu hyung prison playbook

Where you might have seen this oppa? He recently impressed the viewers with his soul-stirring acting in Hi Bye, Mama.

lee kyu hyung hi bye mama

Did you know that Lee Kyu-hyung actually appeared in Goblin? Yep, he played the cheating and abusive husband of one the ghosts in Episode 11.

lee kyu hyung goblin

❤ Kang Hong-suk

Kang Hong-suk has the gift of making every character he plays endearing.

kang hong suk handsome

Where you might have seen this oppa? He made us love him as Secretary Yang in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, where he gave us the  now famous “cola/soda confession.”

He’s now appearing in The King: Eternal Monarch as the precious Michael Jang.

kang hong suk the king eternal monarch

Kang Hong-suk oppa also participated in Welcome to Waikiki.

kang hong suk welcome to waikiki

❤ To cap it off, here’s Kang Hong-suk’s performance in the King of Masked Singer.

I hope you enjoyed this top 10, read our other lists!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma


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  1. Same here! Had something for him since Assassination (2015) and officially being Park Byung Eun’s fan after BTIMFL. Ma Depyo is truly a husband material 🖤

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