Nana, Park Sung-hoon reunite for new office romantic comedy

Justice co-stars Nana (Kill It) and Park Sung-hoon (Psychopath Diary) are set to reunite in the upcoming KBS2TV drama “The Ballot” (working title).

The Ballot” is billed as an office romantic comedy about a girl who keeps on filing complaints to government offices and a civil servant who always plays by the rules.

Nana will play the female lead character Goo Se-ra, a poor girl who has been on different part-time jobs all her life. She is confident despite her financial status, but her life gets entangled with so many concerns due to her constant filing of civil complaints at their local borough office. She will not stop until her complaints get resolved.

Park Sung-hoo will play the male lead character Seo Gong-myung, an efficient public officer who has a hard time getting along with others due to his blunt personality. He has a habit of pointing out other people’s mistakes, which caused him to get transferred from one office to another.

The Ballot is scheduled to premiere in July 2020 on KBS2TV’s Wednesday and Thursday 10:00PM time slot previously occupied by Soul Mechanic.

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