K-Lookbook: Make-up Trends

If you’re also obsessing with Hospital Playlist every Thursday, you probably encountered this lovely autumn doctor named Chu Min-ha (Ahn Eun-jin. Every week, she delights  us with her genuine self and overall awesomeness. One reason why I love this character is her weekly make-up looks. This Army doctor keeps up with the trend and she’s not afraid to try it. I can relate with her trial and error and she’s even confident when her test looks end up being a blunder.

For making us feel like she’s-just-like-us every week, I decided to list down some Korean make-up trends we tried in the past and trends we would like to replicate in the future.


K-Beauty Make-up Trends

The Glowing Face

One of the biggest beauty trends in recent years is the so-called glass skin. There would be varying descriptions of what it should be but my definition of a glass skin is having that “glow from within” look regardless of your skin color. Since achieving it with skincare takes time, make-up is the way-to-go for an instant glow. A lot of products nowadays promises to give us a Chok Chok or a dewy look. It’s different from the highlight galore that IG influencers love to do. Your face is supposed to look fresh and glowing like the light from your face is your natural face oil but in just the right amount.


Fun fact: Chok Chok is an onomatopoeic word that comes from the sound you make when you lightly tap your face.


The Geeky Brows

Gone are the days when we have to draw the line arcs on our brows. We often see K-drama actresses with the woke-up-like-this straight brows for years and this has influenced how I do my brows too! Yep, never gone to the arced route. As a beginner and whose brows aren’t trimmed, it was easier to copy than those from Hollywood magazines. Plus straight brows make one look neat but not too dolled-up, which is perfect for an ordinary day look.


The Glitzy Eyes

Glitters may seem childish for some but in K-beauty world, adding the right amount of it in your eyelids is the way to go. The instant banjjak-banjjak it gives your eyes is well “in-themed” with the glowing face trend popularized by K-celebs. You can check out K-beauty guru Pony looks for reference.


The Girlish Aegyo-sal

Fans of second-generation K-pop girl groups would be familiar with this trend as most idols those days accentuate their under eyes for a charming younger look. They say highlighting Aegyo-sal or baby eye fat gives our faces more cheerful vibes thus, we frequently see this on GG idols with a cutesy concept.

Krystal jung

Bashful Blush

From liquid blushes to cream pots, this multi-functional make-up products flooded in Korean beauty marts to give us more blush options. Since K-beauty is all about going for that youthful look, dusting some color on the apples of your cheeks will surely do the trick.


Fond for Food

From berries to peaches, color palettes in Korean products tend to be inspired by fruits and recently, food. If you’re following Korean make-up vloggers, they’ve been posting their coffee or peanut butter-colored make-up looks.


Good ‘ol Freckles

They say we want what we don’t have and hate what we have. Fortunately, we are now in the days when freckles are not considered ugly anymore (and if ever you think it is please change your mind jebalyo). It adds character to our faces and makes us more true to ourselves. And for those without it, some even used waterproof eyeliners to draw them on.


Heart fluttering Fairies

Gradient and light-colored lipsticks are icons for K-beauty in this era. Although there are K-celebs these days going for darker soft matte lip colors, K-drama characters still go for that no-makeup makeup look with a touch of color in their lips.

Jeon Mido 2
Jeon Mido

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