Choi Jin-hyuk cast as zombie detective in new drama with Park Joo-hyun

Choi Jin-hyuk (Rugal) and Park Joo-hyun (Extracurricular) are both cast as leads in the upcoming KBS drama “Zombie Detective” (working title).

The comedy drama is about a zombie-turned-detective Kim Moo-young (played by Choi Jin-hyuk), who lives with humans in an effort to find more about his past. He has been resurrected for two years without his past memory, and does everything to mimick the human mannerisms in order to survive. He now works as a private detective where he meets the female lead Gong Seon-ji (played by Park Joo-hyun). Gong Seon-ji used to be a writer for an investigative journalism program, but decided to quit the industry after the witness in the case she’s working on was attacked by an unknown assailant.

Zombie Detective” will be produced by KBS variety department (The Producers, Go Back Couple). It will be directed by PD Shim Jae-hyun (The Producers) and written by scriptwriter Baek Eun-jin.

The drama’s broadcast schedule has yet to be confirmed.

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