First Impression: Train

Mysterious killings, crossover to parallel worlds, and Yoon Si-yoon? Definitely a YES!

Drama Profile

Title: Train
Main Cast: Yoon Si-yoon, Kyung Soo-jin
Writer: Park Ga-yeon
PD: Ryu Seung-jin
Timeslot: Saturday and Sunday / 22:30
Network: OCN
Episodes: 12
Genre: Fantasy Thriller

Plot Synopsis:

Detective Seo Do-won got involved in a serial murder case that could be connected to the death of his father and his childhood friend Han Seo-kyung’s father.

Major trope: Parallel world

Maknae’s Impression:

Yoon Si-yoon and parallel world. I enjoyed the last time I had this combination in K-dramaland. And Train looks like it will fall to my good book.

train kdrama yoon siyoon kyung soojin
Unlike other series that promises two or more worlds, Train’s first two episodes only gave the bare minimum when it comes to details to the other dimension. Instead, they focused on introducing the case our main character Seo Do-won needs to solve.

train kdrama yoon siyoon kyung soojin 2

The series opened with the murder of Han Seo-kyung’s (Kyung Soo-jin) father and the death of Do-won’s dad. The tragedy connected our two main lead’s lives. Although their attachment to one another seemed to be stemming from different reasons. Seo-kyung sees Do-won as his father’s last gift for her; treating him as her savior and eventually falling in love with him. Meanwhile, Do-won lives with the guilt of knowing it was his dad who killed Seo-kyung’s father. Or did he really? Because Seo-kyung, who became a prosecutor, doesn’t believe Do-won’s revelation. Especially after seeing pieces of evidence from the Mukyeong Station Serial Murder Case.

train kdrama yoon siyoontrain kdrama kyung sujin

That case is the central plot of the whole series. And they successfully build up a good amount of intrigue around it. I was left with so many questions about everything. I’m not the best person to ask for theories about a whodunit series but I’m on banking on Seo-kyung’s trail, which I hope Do-won will continue. I can’t believe they actually killed her (On. Second. Episode?!!!). I was just starting to like her character and then viola, the man with Do-won’s face shot her to death (Like?!). I guess this is just a start of what the series’ promises – a thrilling ride filled with shocking plot twists, mysterious travels to other worlds, and a complicated murder case to solve.

[Image credit: OCN]

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