K-Lookbook: Seo Ye-ji (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

Dr. Oh Ji-wang said that Ko Moon-young’s way of dressing, just like her assertive personality, is a way to protect herself; just like armors. And what beautiful armors they are!

Moon-young’s outfits in every episode of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay are a feast to the eyes. She’s not only telling her stories through her books but she’s also using her clothes to make a statement. For this edition of K-Lookbook, let’s breakdown the looks served by the feistiest and the current most stylish female lead in K-dramaland – Ko Moon-young!


Ko Moon-young loves her sleek and classy updo but she also loves to style her beautiful mane to suit her outfits. Big curls, mid-parted straight hair, half-up, and braids – she tried them all. My favorite? Her lob. Not just because it accentuated her pretty face but more because it was symbolic. She was cutting ties from her past and moving forward. As Coco Chanel said, “’A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”


I think we are all guilty of trying to copy Moon-young’s monochromatic makeup especially her eye makeup. Who wouldn’t? Just look at how lovely her eyes look with peach-toned/rosegold eye shadows with a touch of shimmers to highlight her aegyo sal. She sometimes spices it up with a bloody red lipstick but I’ve noticed that ever since she met Moon Gang-tae, she’s been donning a nude or coral lippies.

Maknae’s Tip: since I’m no make-up guru, I’ll just share here some YT tutorials that I think are the closest to Moon-young’s look. You can check out this tutorial from Pony as well as this tutorial on how to curl those lashes.

Seo Yeji Ko Moonyoung makeup


Name a designer line and she definitely has it. From Korean brands to luxury boutiques from the west, Ko Moon-young strutting the street of Sungjin City and the hallways of Ok Psychiatric like they are her catwalks.

Seo Yeji Ko Moonyoung outfit 1 blackSeo Yeji Ko Moonyoung outfit 2 black 2Seo Yeji Ko Moonyoung outfit 3 pinkSeo Yeji Ko Moonyoung outfit 4 couture
Seo Yeji Ko Moonyoung outfit 5 lace and whiteSeo Yeji Ko Moonyoung outfit 6 nightgowns


Adding glamour (and drama) to her looks are her accessories. Ko Moon-young knows how to pick the right earpieces to go with her couture, skirts, and dresses.

Seo Yeji Ko Moonyoung accessories


“I have finally found my red shoes,” Moon-young said. And that red shoes were a pair of classic Dior pumps. And no Moon-young didn’t stop with just a pair of Dior. She’s been wearing big-name designer shoes in every episode. Those tulle trimmed suede pumps from episode 1? Jimmy Choo. Those oxford heels from episode 2? Bottega Veneta. Those mules from episode 4? Burberry. Yep, her shoe rack probably looks heavenly.

Seo Yeji Ko Moonyoung shoes

I’m hoping that our favorite fashionista female lead wouldn’t just use her clothes as armor. As she traverses her path to healing, I wish she’ll realize that clothing can be used to express yourself and show your real personality to other people.


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