In Spotlight: Seo Ye-ji Filmography

With her deep voice, piercing eyes, and overflowing talent, Seo Ye-ji entered the kingdom of K-stars armed and ready. After being discovered back in 2013, she has been working nonstop. She started with minor roles and worked her way up until she finally landed on bigger projects that showcased her acting chops.

We can’t help but say that indeed, the future of K-dramas is in good hands.

Potato Star 2013QR3 (tvN / 2013-2014) – No Soo-Young (No Soo-Dong’s daughter)

Seo Ye-ji debuted in tvN’s sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3. Her character Noh Soo-young, the household’s daughter, is now a fan-favorite classic because of her realistic and hilarious bickering with on-screen brother Noh Min-hyuk, played by actor Go Kyung-pyo.


Drama Special: The Three Female Runaways (KBS / 2014) – Su-Ji

The following year, she chose to star in one of KBS Drama Special episodes. In The Three Female Runaways, Seo Ye-ji teamed up with veteran actresses Jang Hee-jin and Park Hae-mi.


Drama Festival: Fitting (MBC/2014) – Kyeong-hee

Seo Ye-ji again starred in another drama special. This time for MBC’s Drama Festival. Fitting is about dream, reality, and love in the summer of 1978. Here, she played the young version of Kyeong-hee


Diary Of A Night Watchman (MBC / 2014) – Park Soo-Ryeon

In the same year, she was cast in MBC’s sageuk drama Diary of a Night Watchman. She took on the role of Park Soo-ryeon, the Prime Minister’s daughter who was described to be full of jealousy and greed. This young noblewoman tried everything to become the crown prince’s bride.


Super Daddy Yul (tvN / 2015) – Hwang Ji-Hye

Before becoming a K-drama female lead, Seo Ye-ji was cast in second lead roles earlier in her career. One of which is her character Hwang Ji-hye in the 2015 tvN drama, Super Daddy Yul.


The Throne (2015) – Queen Jungsoon

One of her four projects in 2015 is the period movie The Throne, which is about the life of Crown Prince Sado. Seo Ye-ji played the role of Queen Jeongsun, who was based on the queen consort of King Yeong-jo.


Last (JTBC / 2015) – Shin Na-Ra

Coming back to cable tv, Seo Ye-ji starred alongside Yoon Kye-sang and Lee Beom-soo in action-drama entitled Last.


Circle of Atonement (2015) – Kang Yoo-Sin

In the same year, Seo Ye-ji joined the cast of mystery movie Circle of Atonement. She got the chance to work with Son Ho-jun, Kim Yoo-jung, and Sung Dong-il.


Moorim School (KBS2 / 2016) – Sim Soon-Duk

In 2016, Seo Ye-ji became the female lead of KBS youth drama Moorim School. She played the role of sweet and hardworking student Shim Soon-deok. Her character got involved in a love triangle between idol group member Yoon Shi-woo, played by Lee Hyun-woo, and spoiled rich kid Wang Chi-ang, played by Lee Hong-bin.


Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016) – Gyu-Young

Seo Ye-ji had a minor role in the Yoo Seung-ho-starrer flick entitled Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River. The movie was based on the classic Korean novel about a conman and his team of swindlers selling water from the Daedong River.


Another Miss Oh (tvN / 2016) – Seo-Hee (ep.15)

Seo Ye-ji made a cameo appearance in the hit 2016 drama Another Miss Oh.


Hwarang (KBS2 / 2016-2017) – Princess Sookmyung

Seo Ye-ji is not new in playing strong female characters. We fell in love with her in Hwarang with her portrayal of Princess Sook Myung. She’s a princess who doesn’t need any rescuing by all the flower boys in that series.


Another Way (2017) – Jung-Won

Seo Ye-ji is not one to back down with complex roles and stories. She headlined the Korean Indie movie Another Way alongside Kim Jae-wook. The film premiered in the 20th Busan International Film Festival before its commercial release in 2017.


Save Me (OCN / 2017) – Im Sang-Mi

Her best work to date, Save Me (or Rescue Me), was an eerie and disturbing psycho-thriller hit from OCN which gave birth to her now-iconic character Sang-mi, a young girl whose family gets caught up in a religious cult.


The Bros (2017) – Sa-Ra

She made another special appearance in the dramedy movie starring Ma Dong-seok, Lee Dong-hwi, and Lee Honey.


Lawless Lawyer (tvN / 2018) – Ha Jae-Yi

Following her talk-of-the-town role in Save Me, Seo Ye-ji starred in the legal thriller Lawless Lawyer. She played the role of confident and just lawyer Ha Jae-yi, who got entangled with eccentric lawyer Bong Sang-pil, played by Lee Joon-gi.

DYK: Seo Ye-ji is an honorary police officer? She was awarded the rank of honorary constable and even received a letter of appointment for it.


Warning: Do Not Play (2019) – Mi-Jung

In 2019, Seo Ye-ji focused on movie projects, one of which is horror mystery Warning: Do Not Play.  She played a rookie director who stumbled upon a banned movie that eventually endangered her life.


By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture (2019) – Sung Eun-Young

Just last year, she starred alongside Park Hae-soo in the crime film By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture, a movie that revolves around celebrity scandals, nightlife, and illegal drugs.


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (tvN / 2020) – Ko Moon-Young

Finally getting the spotlight, Seo Ye-ji starred in a much-awaited romance-drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. She perfectly fits the role of children’s book author Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), who has an anti-social personality. She once again proved she’s one top-caliber actress through her portrayal of this multifaceted character. Giving an equally evoking performance in this series is her co-star Kim Soo-hyun who played the role of mysterious Moon Kang-tae.


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