Korean remake of Chinese hit drama “A Love So Beautiful” confirmed

Kim Yo-han, So Ju-yeon (Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim 2), and Yeo Hoe-hyun (Leverage) will be starring in the Korean remake of the hit Chinese drama “A Love So Beautiful.”

Kim Yo-han will play 17-year-old Cha Heon, a handsome and brainy student at Chun Ji High School. He may seem cold on the outside, but he is actually warm-hearted and just doesn’t know how to properly express himself. So Ju-yeon will play the female lead Shin Sol-yi, a cheerful and clumsy 17-year-old who has a long time crush on Cha Heon. Yeo Hoe-hyun will play as the transferee Woo Dae-sung, a talented swimmer who falls for Shin Sol-yi.

A Love So Beautiful” Korean remake will be released as a digital series within the year via a new video platform by KakaoM and Kakao. The drama will have 24 episodes with 20 minutes each.

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