K-Drama Reaction: Flower of Evil | Episodes 5-6

This was Ji-won’s week for sure. All the pain she had to bear alone while discovering that her husband isn’t who she thinks he is. She was even slapped with the truth so unexpectedly. Now I can’t wait to see how the dynamics will change for our main couple.

Jung Mi-sook murder case

We now have a clearer picture of the Jung Mi-sook killing. She was the last victim in serial murder case of Hyun-su’s father Do Min-seok. BUT if we consider Hee-sung’s witness statements during the investigation, he was with his father all day. His alibi is so strong that the police couldn’t ignore it. And honestly, I believe him, too, which means another killer is on the loose! If Hyun-su is not his father’s accomplice, who could it be? I have been discussing theories with @unicaahjumma, and so far, what we have are these: either Hyun-su had a twin or it’s the sister who did it. It’s so shady that Hae-su was the one who gave the fishtail keychain to Hyun-su. It’s intentional because it apparently belonged to the last victim. No wonder Park Kyung-choon would torture the hell out of Hyun-su because his wife’s body had been missing for more than a decade now.

Ji-won and the inevitable truth

I feel sorry for Ji-won because this is just the beginning of everything for her. In the coming weeks, the truth will come out eventually and she will learn more dark secrets purposely buried by the love of her life. If not for her strong foundation with Hee-sung, I think their relationship would be over already when Hee-sung accidentally spilled his true identity to his wife in his sleep.

Though I was a bit taken aback by this sudden burst of confession, I am happy with how the story goes. I don’t want to keep Ji-won in the dark for too long. She’s smart and witty, so it wouldn’t make sense that she wouldn’t find out Hee-sung’s past as Hyun-su asap. After seeing their cute interactions when they were younger, I couldn’t help but love them as a couple. Ji-won helped Hee-sung get out of his father’s bubble. And even though Hee-sung was struggling to fit in with other people, he was himself when he was with Ji-won. I know he is still walking on eggshells so that his real identity wouldn’t be revealed, but those 14 years were long enough for them not to sincerely care for each other. Show, let’s help Hee-sung realize that he loves his wife and child, please?

Grumpy Alley

šŸ„€ Something happened with the parents and the real Hee-sung 15 years ago. And it’s connected to their son’s comatose state. I’m sure of it.

šŸ„€ I couldn’t resist Eun-ha’s cuteness! More father and daughter moments, jebaaal

Credit: Tumblr

šŸ„€ The most intense moment of this week’s episodes would go to Jae-sub (Choi Young-joon) questioning Hee-sung! Our anti-hero was lucky to dodge it! Jae-sub had a point though. Why on earth would Park Kyung-choon torture someone like Hee-sung who had no perceived connection to him whatsoever? Unless he wanted something from Hee-sung, then the torture would be logical.

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