K-Drama Reaction: Flower of Evil | Episodes 9-10

I like how the story is going!

“Just trust me”

I really feel bad for Ji-won to be undergoing this unfortunate situation. I know there are times that she’s meant to be annoying for pushing Hyun-su to the edge but I have decided to be extra patient with as it’s not easy to be left out in the dark for 14 years. The person she used to love, the father of her child, betrayed her all these years. If I’m in her shoes, I would have rushed to Hyun-su and slap him the moment he wakes up in the hospital. I really admire Ji-won’s composure during her surprise visit at Moo-jin’s house, the times she’s with Hyun-su in their own home, and all the little moments she had to endure just so she could keep her husband’s secret.

That confrontation over Ji-won’s fake laughs was very badly needed. Hyun-su isn’t the type of person who would guess what others feel. He isn’t capable of that. So his honest question about Ji-won’s change of personality towards him was well-meaning. The problem is that he doesn’t know yet that Ji-won already knows his secrets. It’s the real reason of the fallout. And even though Ji-won didn’t really elaborate on her discoveries, she was blunt enough to tell her husband she has fallen out of love already and that his presence annoys her now.

But in Episode 10, we saw how Ji-won backtracked in her words. She told Hyun-su she didn’t mean the hurtful words she said. She doesn’t want to break up with him. She has not fallen out of love yet. And I’m happy that Ji-won finally decided to trust Hyun-su once again. It’s definitely hard for her to come up with that heavy decision but her love for her husband is mightier than any doubts in their relationship. Her foundation is strong enough to weather all the lies from the past.

“I’m broken”

The women, I would like to think, are dominating this series even though they’re clearly outnumbered. My heart also breaks for Hae-su unni for having to live this way for so long. I can’t imagine the pain of losing everything and hiding the truth to the public. I wonder why she didn’t change her identity or her name though. As much as I want Hae-su to finally surrender herself for the killing of the village foreman, I still want her to heal herself. I hope we get to see a much brighter version of her. I’m neutral on her potential love line with Moo-jin because I want her to learn to love herself back on her own without depending on another person. But if Moo-jin will help her realize her worth, who am I to dismiss that, right?

“I want my name back”

Things are not looking good at the Baek household since the real Hee-sung woke up. I know it’s a bit ironic that Hee-sung’s recovery brought more complicated scenarios for his parents even though they were really taking good care of him all these years. I totally understand why the real Hee-sung wants his old life back. Who wouldn’t, right? You’ve been in comatose for more than a decade, and then you suddenly wake up realizing that your life has been taken over by someone else. It sounds painful already, but I think I have a few more theories about Hee-sung and his backstory.

I sincerely hope the real Hee-sung would be a kind character. This drama is infested with so many villains that I don’t want to be introduced to a new one anymore. Okay, so here’s what I have in mind. The real Hee-sung was supposed to meet up with a girl on the night of the accident. Of course, we were not able to see that meet-up because he hit an escaping Hyun-su along the way. He saved Hyun-su and followed his instructions of “no hospitals” (which signals to me that he is a good person *cross fingers*). I think the woman he’s supposed to meet was Cha Ji-won. Ji-won already admitted of having a really complicated past, too. So I can’t wait to dig deeper into that! Another theory is that Hee-sung’s comatose was because of his dad, not his mom. The first thing he said upon waking up was that it’s not Mom’s fault. It’s someone else! Maybe that’s also the reason why Dad was so eager to hide this and turn Hyun-su into Hee-sung. Now, we all know Dad’s capabilities in twisting the truth, I’m afraid he’ll also be the one who will take away everything from dear Hyun-su.

“I want to be decent enough for you”

Since we are now in the second half of the story, we are nearing the climax. Hyun-su decided to call the police and reveal his deal with the human trafficking ring in exchange for the information about the accomplice. Apparently, the syndicate was his father’s supplier of “people” and that the ring leader knew who the accomplice was. It’s a very dangerous deal and I have a bad feeling about it. Anyway, Hyun-su revealed this sensitive tip to the police, and Ji-won’s team will be in charge of saving the victims while Hyun-su will be dealing with the syndicate.

I was hesitant at first why Hyun-su came up with this absurd decision. He’s been on the run for decades, and this might blow his cover-up. But when I heard him say he wanted to be a decent enough person for Ji-won, my heart melted. That’s pure love right there. He doesn’t recognize it yet but Hyun-su expresses his love for his wife in the only way he knows how.

What I’m afraid, though, is that my hunch tells me the accomplice is Baek Hee-sung’s Dad. Considering his age and the green baller ID from Hae-su’s memory, there’s a high probability that he is the main twist of this series.

Grumpy Alley

🥀 Jae-sub knows that Baek Hee-sung is Hyun-su!!!!!

🥀 Another proof that this is not your ordinary love story

🥀 What a very satisfying phone call!!! Go, Ji-won! I was screaming when Ji-won called out Hyun-su’s former psychologist for misdiagnosing him! Our poor boy!

🥀 Lee Joon-gi sending us some love during his IG live 😉

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