Kim Sae-ron, Park Hye-soo, NCT’s Jaehyun, Bae Hyun-sung lead “Love Playlist” spin-off

Kim Sae-ron (Nobody Knows), Park Hye-soo (My Shy Boss), NCT’s Jaehyun, and Bae Hyun-sung (Hospital Playlist) have all been confirmed to star in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Dear.M,” a spin-off of the hit web series “Love Playlist.”

Dear.M” is a romance drama that revolves around the search for “M,” an anonymous person who posted on the online community board of Seoyeon University.

Park Hye-soo is cast as Ma Joo-ah, a bright second year Business Administration student at Seoyeon University. She is “no-boyfriend-since-birth” but her inquisitive nature makes her to always meddle in other people’s affairs.

NCT’s Jae-hyun will mark his acting debut as the sophomore Computer Engineering student Cha Min-ho, an innovative individual who develops new apps. He has been friends with Ma Joo-ah for 12 years.

Kim Sae-ron and Bae Hyun-sung will reprise their roles from “Love Playlist” Season 4 as  Seoyeon University campus couple Seo Ji-min and Park Ha-neul, respectively. In Dear.M,

Dear.M will be helmed by “Love Playlist” writer Lee Seul, PD Park Jin-woo (to. Jenny), and Seo Joo-wan (I Hate Going to Work, Love Revolution).

The drama is scheduled to air in the first half of 2021.

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