Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene join forces in “Penthouse”

Lee Ji-ah (The Ghost Detective), Kim So-yeon (Mother of Mine), and Eugene (All About My Mom) have all been confirmed as the main cast of the upcoming SBS drama “Penthouse” (literal title).

Joining them are Uhm Ki-joon, Shin Eun-kyung, Bong Tae-gyu, Yoon Jong-hoon, Park Eun-seok, and Yoon Joo-hee.

The drama will revolve around the lives of affluent women set around a 100-floor luxury penthouse apartment in Gangnam.

Lee Ji-ah is cast for the role of Shim Soo-ryeon, an elegant and dignified woman who is born and raised by a family belonging to the elite. She is referred to as the queen of the penthouse. She is wed to businessman Joo Dan-tae (to portrayed by Uhm Ki-joon).

Kim So-yeon will appear as Cheon Seo-jin, a showy, arrogant, and ambitious woman who is married to chief hospital surgeon Ha Yoon-cheol (to be portrayed by Yoon Jong–hoon).

Eugene takes on the role of Oh Yoon-hee, a woman with a poor family background. She will do everything to enter the high society for her children’s success.

Shin Eun-kyung plays Kang Ma-ri, a new money who lives a secretive double life while Park Eun-seok portrays the character of Gu Ho-dong, a cunning physical education teacher at an arts school.

Bong Tae-gyu will appear as lawyer Lee Kyu-jin, the only son of a family of judges and lawyers. He will act alongside Yoon Joo-hee his wife Go Sang-ah, a former announcer.

The drama will be directed by Joo Dong-min (The Last Empress) and written by Kim Soon-ok (Return, The Last Empress).

Penthouse will take over the SBS Monday and Tuesday 22:00 time slot after the finale of  “Do You Like Brahms?”

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