K-Drama Reaction: Flower of Evil | Episode 11

Daebak! Please know that while writing this reaction piece, it took me a while to find the right words to express how amazing this drama is. It keeps getting better with every new episode and now that everything has been revealed to Ji-won, she is ready to face the challenge of staying with Hyun-su head-on.

Entrapment Operation Gone Wrong

As we’ve already seen in the last episode’s teaser, the deal between Hyun-su and the human trafficking ring was sabotaged by no less than Dr. Baek/Dad. I thought I was right with my hunch that he was the accomplice – considering his age plus that phone call with the syndicate’s big boss Yeom Sang-cheol. He told Sang-cheol that Hyun-su was working with the police and offered him double the amount given by Hyun-su. Of course, business is business for these evil goons and without hesitation, he tosses Hyun-su out of the deal.

While the rescue mission for the trafficking victims was a success, Hyun-su’s life was in danger as he was about to be burned alive by Sang-cheol. I was looking forward to Plan B with Moo-jin, but man, it’s such an epic fail! Man… the scenes were so intense, but Moo-jin being Moo-jin was enough to bring some comic relief to the situation. He even dared to live-stream his chase with one of the henchmen on Instagram! Haha! I love Moo-jin.

Going back to the more serious stuff, just as Hyun-su was about to get his skin toasted, his detective wife came to the rescue! Literally shouting here! Ji-won single-handedly saved her husband’s ass! It’s the moment wherein Hyun-su realizes that his life as Baek Hee-sung is over and all he has left is his wife who will move mountains to save him. Together, the couple was able to bring down the evil and Ji-won asked Hyun-su to escape immediately because the police will be arriving any minute.

“I’m sorry”

Did I miss it or is it Hyun-su’s first sincere apology ever? His much-needed confrontation with Ji-won was so painful to watch. Only Moon Chae-won and Lee Joon-gi could pull off such an emotional husband-wife connection in a loving yet painful manner. Their chemistry, not just in lovey-dovey scenes, really shined here. They were so in sync with each other. I feel sorry for Hyun-su who has to deceive the only person who believed in him. I feel more sorry for Ji-won for being betrayed by the only person she loved so dearly. I feel most sorry to them as a couple who has yet to prove the innocence of Hyun-su who’s already been judged by the world.

Real Accomplice

Episode 11 really brought so many revelations for us. Hae-su bravely went to the Baek household to ask for information about the green baller ID that she remembered from her memory of the accomplice. She told Baek Hee-sung’s parents the truth, her search for the accomplice, and her vague memory of the accomplice’s identity. She can’t remember his face but she clearly identified his ugly nails, though – which was enough for me to realize that the real accomplice was not Dad, but Baek Hee-sung himself!!!! Ahhh, what a con! My blood is boiling!!!!

I applaud this show and everyone involved in it for bringing life to these characters. They were very well-researched and extensively written. How on earth will Hyun-su be able to recover from this new revelation? All his adult life, he protected his name as “Baek Hee-sung” and erased his past as Do Hyun-su. He never looked back on his previous life – hometown, sister, everything. He wanted to become a better person for Ji-won. He wanted to keep living as Baek Hee-sung for his little family. But then, the truth bomb drops and suddenly the name Baek Hee-sung is the most evil being on earth! He dropped his identity as Do Hyun-su, the murderer’s son, and lived as Baek Hee-sung, the murderer’s real accomplice!!!!!!! Hyun-suya, give up that name now!

Grumpy Alley

🥀 I know some people might be annoyed at Jae-sub sunbae right now, but I’m really trying my best here to understand him. He only knows that Hee-sung is Hyun-su and that Hyun-su is a fugitive who killed the village foreman. Those are his facts. Of course, he doesn’t know the real truth. He is just doing his job. Let him be because eventually, he will learn that our baby is an innocent person who can’t even hurt a dog.

🥀 Hyun-su finally admits to himself that he loves Ji-won. Priceless.

🥀 I see a couple who’s very much in love with each other that they will fight adversity with hands held tight. This is what they mean by through thick and thin y’all. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death we do part.

🥀 Flower of Evil‘s OST is perfect!

[We only had one Flower of Evil episode for this week after filming had to be postponed because of Miss Rona]

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