Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, Lee Yi-kyung, Lee Tae-hwan cast in new KBS sageuk

Kim Myung-soo (Meow: The Secret Boy), Kwon Nara (Itaewon Class), Lee Yi-kyung (Welcome to Waikiki 2), and Lee Tae-hwan (Graceful Friends) are all confirmed for the upcoming KBS historical drama “Secret Royal Inspector” (working title).

Kim Myung-soo is cast as the male lead Sung Yi-kyum, a first-placer civil servant working at the Office of Special Advisors. He becomes a secret royal inspector as punishment for his gambling. He will work with Kwon Nara, who will play the role of Hong Da-in, an undercover officer who disguises herself as a gisaeng, and Lee Yi-kyung as Park Chun-sam, a shady servant who appears to be warmhearted.

Lee Tae-hwan takes on the character of Sung Yi-bum, Sung Yi-kyum’s half-brother. Their father is an aristocrat but because Yi-bum’s mother is a slave, their father does not accept him as his real son, which results to a conflict with Yi-kyum.

The drama will be written by  Park Sung-hoon and Kang Min-sun, and will be directed by PD Kim Jung-min (Queen: Love and War).

No release date has been announced yet as of writing.

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