K-Drama Reaction: Flower of Evil | Episodes 12-13

“Love can be very cunning. It’s very sly. It makes you think it can solve everything. But in the end, it betrays you.”

– Do Min-seok

Baek Hee-sung

Since we left off from last week’s grand reveal that Hee-sung is the real accomplice, we finally saw how he met Do Min-seok when he was still in high school, and how he was he was in comatose right after hitting Hyun-su.

Hee-sung was very similar to Do Min-seok, which is already a given because they were teaming up in the killing spree in their small town. Anyway, apparently Mom and Dad new about Hee-sung’s secret all these years. While Mom was cleaning her son’s room, she accidentally discovered a mysterious box containing all the bloody photos of Do Min-seok’s victims and their nails!!!! Of course, Mom was shocked and frightened that she grabbed the knife she found in Hee-sung’s box and went to look for her son. Meanwhile, in their very spacious garden, Hee-sung was about to bury an injured Hyun-su alive without remorse! This horrible sighting caused Mom to panic and stab her son. And the rest is history.

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant that Hee-sung was indeed the accomplice. He was even apologetic by the end of Episode 11 and asked for help from his parents. As in turns out, his parents were the ones who needed help from him as they were not as skilled as him in terms of killing people and burying evidence without a trace. The Baek family exceeded all expectations this week in terms of K-drama evilness. I was amused at how Hee-sung was able to decipher everything perfectly as if he was able to read through Hyun-su’s mind. He also successfully manipulated everyone, including his parents, to clean up his latest murder victim, and pin the blame on the already struggling Hyun-su.

Do Hyun-su

The plot twist at the end of Episode 13 about Hyun-su returning to his “old self” and stop trusting anybody including his own wife may be unpopular, but it actually makes sense. Hyun-su was put on the verge yet again in this new development in the serial killing case. For every single second in Hyun-su’s life, he’s trying very hard to become better. He just recently discovered the real meaning of love through the eyes of Ji-won and Eun-ha, and even though he’s still taking baby steps in terms of opening up fully to them (how cute are the little exchanges of “i love yous”), it seems like the rough road won’t end just yet.

During that confrontation with Ji-won about the Makmundong murder, his wife handcuffing him as the suspect was the last nail in the coffin. All these years, Ji-won unconsciously protected Hyun-su from seeing hallucinations of Do Min-seok, but this time she’s the very person who triggered it.

What’s sad, though, is that Hyun-su is right. Who would believe him that he did not kill anyone when even his wife doubts him? I know Ji-won has been through a lot trying to accept and defend her husband and I don’t want to blame her for questioning Hyun-su, but if you decided to stand by him through it all, why are you putting handcuffs on him? You even asked your teammate not to handcuff him when he was about to be arrested. It doesn’t make sense.

Grumpy Alley

πŸ₯€ Bless these sisters-in-law who will do everything to protect Hyun-su ❀

πŸ₯€ This scene legit gave me creeps!

πŸ₯€ Jung Mi-sook is alive all along! That’s why her body was never found! So does that mean she’s the “woman” being referred to by Hee-sung? The one he was supposed to “meet” before the accident?

πŸ₯€ Why do I feel like Mom is the saving grace of this hideous family?

πŸ₯€ I don’t know bout you but every time I see an interaction between Hyun-su and Eun-ha, I cry. I’m fragile like that 😭

πŸ₯€ Ending this with Kim Ji-hoon oppa’s perfection

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