K-Drama Reaction: Do You Like Brahms? | Episodes 5-6

I didn’t expect that from Chae Song-ah!

Violinist Chae Song-ah

“Do you even know how one feels to lack talent?” Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin) lashed out at Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) after he carelessly told her, he sometimes wished he wasn’t born a piano genius. Okay, ‘lashed out’ was a bit exaggeration especially for the soft-spoken Song-ah but it felt that way. Song-ah, who always keep things to herself, showed a bit of what’s on her mind to Joon-young. It is actually painful to see how insecure and anxious Song-ah is during the first half of episode 5. People with natural talent just usually tramples hardworking ordinary people, no matter how passionate the latter are on their craft. I wish I could comfort Song-ah with honeyed words but that’s just how it is. But just like a true-born K-drama male lead, Joon-young knows how to comfort Song-ah. Giving her the sweetest gift at the right time.

I was smiling from ear-to-ear when I read what Joon-young wrote on the album he gave to Song-ah. The words “Violinist Song-ah” woke up all the butterflies in my stomach. It’s simple and yet heart fluttering. It actually made me ponder on things as well (haha). Song-ah may not be born with hands like Niccolò Paganini and Antonio Vivaldi but she is a violinist through and through. So hang in there, Chae Song-ah! The path she chose is filled with thorns that’ll scar and wound her along the way but the fulfillment of creating something of her own is worth it (yep, there go my honeyed words for Song-ah). It was probably the way they are fleshing out Song-ah’s character that makes me really empathize with her even though I’m not a musician. 

Misplaced Feelings

It’s always frustrating to see lovable people chase around those who can’t love them back the way they deserved to be. But who am I to judge people with misplaced feelings? I just really wish that they’ll see they’re not worth this heartbreak. Especially Kang Min-seong (Bae Da-bin). I know, she’s still hang-up with her ex, Yoon Dong-yoon (Lee You-jin), but (girl!!!) he’s obviously being a jerk about it. And I feel Dong-yoon somehow has an inkling on Song-ah’s feelings for him. But Kim Hae-na (Lee Ji-won) was right, “If you really like someone you don’t confuse them.”

Speaking of another character who makes other characters confused, Lee Jung-kyung (Park Ji-hyun) broke up with Han Hyun-ho (Kim Sung-cheol). It wasn’t at all surprising but it still hurts to see Hyun-ho still wearing the darn ring, hoping Jung-kyung will change her mind. Breaking news, Hyun-ho: she’s over you. She’s already chasing Joon-young. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Jung-kyung. If she feels like her relationship with Hyun-ho isn’t working anymore then she has the right to cut ties with him. What annoys me is that they’re making her character the bad guy in the Song-ah x Joon-young ship. 

The scene where she went to Song-ah and warn her is a K-drama cliché I always hate honestly (and this is coming from someone who loves well-done clichés and overly used trope). That’s just felt out-of-character. I thought Jung-kyung was better than that. Oh well, she might be acting irrational at the moment because of things happening in her life. Hopefully, I’ll get a good answer on the next episode.

Hang-ups and Misunderstandings

A misunderstanding between Joon-young and Song-ah is inevitable because feelings are now involved and one of them is not talking. Yep, I’m looking at you, Joon-young. I mean, he’s sweet and all by saying he misses Song-ah and she comforts him. But Song-ah is right. He should tell her what’s actually wrong. And I love her more for speaking up at this moment. She could have let him use her but she’s learning to voice her needs as well. And what she needs that night is honesty.

Joon-young, for his part, is just being true to his character. He’s not one to open up easily. But hopefully, he’ll realize Song-ah is actually ready for his hang-ups. And boy, it’s not easy to meet someone who will welcome you with open arms; scars and all.

Toughened Heart

Song-ah said at the end of episode 6: “My grand plan to fall back on my toughened heart has totally failed.” I disagree with her though. It takes a brave heart to confess what you really feel to someone. And given the fact that Song-ah isn’t really a courageous character from the get-go, this confession is a big deal for her. It feels like we’re finally starting to see changes for Song-ah’s character!

Maknae’s Week 3 Verdict

I didn’t expect that cliffhanger at all! The confession totally changed how I viewed this week’s episodes. I’m prepared to wait a little longer for Song-ah or Joon-young to come to terms with how they felt with each other. I didn’t expect it to happen this week. And it came from Song-ah at that! It was an unexpected turn of events and I’m excited how this gobaek would change the relationship between my two beloved musicians. Because you know, confessions this early in a K-drama means there will be inevitable heartbreaks in the near future.


-DYLB has an OST by Taeyeon!!!

-I’m sorry if this reaction piece is preachy (haha). I can’t help it. The DYLB crew is now my adopted babies and I’m hoping for a satisfying happy ending for all of them.

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