K-Drama Reaction: Flower of Evil | Episodes 14-15

“I feel anxious every time when we’re apart”

I knew it was just an act. Hyun-su would never intentionally hurt his wife. Ji-won is everything for Hyun-su. She is his reason for living. And seeing them fight through this together is just too much. Hyun-su had to pretend to hostage his wife to send a message to Yeom Sang-cheol about his intent of teaming together against the accomplice. He’s still unaware of Hee-sung’s true identity, though. And by teaming up with Sang-cheol, he will be able not just to catch the accomplice but also to save Jung Mi-sook. Of course, this is very dangerous and he doesn’t want Ji-won to get involved anymore, that’s why he had to handcuff her inside the hotel that they were staying. This is a good move for both Hyun-su and Ji-won. I’m happy Ji-won didn’t argue anymore about going together with her husband. It’s too dangerous and she will be more helpful when she’s with the police authorities.

One of my favorite scenes in Episode 14 was the conversation between Hyun-su and Ji-won. They seemed to be fighting and they are both angry at each other. Both have very valid points about being mad at each other’s actions, but what’s interesting is that the scene just illustrates pure love instead of betrayal and mistrust. The couple kept on talking about not being honest and whatever, but you can really feel their pain and they want to just get this over with. It’s just so unfair that they have to go through all this when all they want in life is to stay together and be happy with their daughter.

“I won’t let you down”

Finally, Baek Eun-ha has met her imo, Hae-su! I just realized our cutie baby girl got her love for art from her father’s side! Both Hae-su and Hyun-su are good with arts and crafts. Ji-won had to leave Eun-ha under Hae-su’s care because her mom is in the hospital. Hae-su promised to look after her niece who fondly calls her “songsaengnim” (cutezzz).

Okay going back, Hee-sung’s new target this week was Ji-won! He got irked upon hearing that Ji-won was so sure Hyun-su wasn’t a murderer. I don’t even understand why he was super annoyed by that when he has no personal connection with Ji-won. Well, maybe he thought Ji-won had evidence to prove Hyun-su’s innocence? So fast forward to that night, as Hae-su and Eun-ha returned home to get the little girl’s things, Hee-sung unknowingly stabbed the very willing Hae-su (whom he thought was Ji-won). Um, yeah, crazy.

I was so relieved that Hae-su woke up by the end of Episode 15! That girl went through a lot! She grew up witnessing her father’s crimes and her brother’s suffering. She lived a life full of guilt after murdering the very person who harmed her brother. I know the future isn’t bright for her and Moo-jin but at least let her have her well-deserved peace of mind. Please, show?

“I see dead people”

If there’s an episode that could cement Lee Joon-gi’s Best Actor Award, it’s Episode 15. I mean he’s inarguably really good in the past episodes but this one just sealed the deal! As Hyun-su discovered that Hee-sung was his father’s accomplice, everything totally made sense to him. He was actually doing great according to plan UNTIL Hee-sung had to break the news that Ji-won is dead (supposedly). And since Ji-won is the only thing that keeps Hyun-su sane and composed, our poor hero totally lost it!

He chased Hee-sung down in a very dramatic, K-dramaesque way that’s too reminiscent of the Chicago Typewriter death scene on the cliff. To be honest, I was not worried that Hyun-su would kill Hee-sung because I trust that he could never murder someone (still). I know he’s not in his right mind after knowing that his wife is dead but as Hae-su said he’s incapable of killing anyone… Also, even though it’s super obvious that the police would arrive at the scene, albeit late, I liked how the director was able to highlight a glaring contrast between Hyun-su’s father and Ji-won.

As Hyun-su was caught by surprise of the sudden appearance of his supposedly dead wife, he simultaneously sees a vision of his dead father. “I see dead people” means he can’t figure out if Ji-won is indeed alive or just an apparition. I liked how his father was wearing black while Ji-won was wearing a bright top. (I think it’s cream or off-white). It’s a visual signal for Hyun-su to trust his instinct and reach out for his wife, which he did.

Now, the only question left is are we seeing a happy couple in the finale or are we seeing a grieving Ji-won? At this point, I’m not really sure anymore.

Grumpy Alley

πŸ₯€ This is some scary af Joker resemblance right here:

πŸ₯€ Props to Jung Mi-sook for being Hyun-su’s savior in a very shocking turn of events. LOL. But yeah, seriously, I like how this show is still unpredictable despite all the madness!

πŸ₯€ So wait, Hyun-su’s father did not commit suicide after all? He was killed by Hee-sung!

πŸ₯€ Where do you ever find a drama wherein the male lead is the one chasing after the serial killer and not the other way around?

πŸ₯€ Eun-ha is a very smart girl! Hyun-su trained her really well! Don’t open the door to anyone except Mom!

πŸ₯€ OK I thought Hee-sung’s Mom was going to be the Baek fam’s saving grace but they’re all equally horrible until the end. They should all rot in jail.

πŸ₯€ Lee Joon-gi oppa, can you please do a light romantic comedy next time? I’m so tired of crying in your dramas jebaaal! Let’s do fluffy squishy lovey dovey slice-of-life cute romances, shall we???

πŸ₯€ In the running for my favorite OST this year… I’m so sad we’re reaching the finale!

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