K-Drama Reaction: Do You Like Brahms? | Episodes 11-12

Facts and Truths

Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin) is being forced to face the harsh truth: she’s not that talented enough. Not enough to play the violin for the rest of her life. Not enough to stand beside Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae) nor even play with him onstage. I believe she’s aware of this fact already but she still persisted because she wanted it badly. Recently, a lot of people keep on reminding her of this. They’re not even doing it out of concern. They keep on hurling harsh words to her because of selfish reasons.

Fortunately, though, she has a reprieve in the form of Joon-young. They went to Daejeon!!! (and meet his mom!!!). I thought it would be just a filler sweet moment for our couple but they use it so that they will get to know each other. They share their woes and worries with each other. Sometimes, having someone to listen to your inner thoughts without judgement is what one needs.

Umbrella and Rain

That kind of someone is what Lee Jung-kyung (Park Ji-hyun) and Yoon Dong-yoon (Lee You-jin) had but they both let those persons go.

Jung-kyung is lost. Her constant companions Joon-young and Han Hyun-ho (Kim Sung-cheol) are not on her beck and call anymore. Although Hyun-ho still lingers around her and tries to be a reassuring hand from time-to-time. But Jung-kyung is, mostly, alone and she’s definitely not used to it. What I like though about her is that she seems to use this time to re-evaluate what she really wants and to voice out long-hidden grievances to her family. They’ve been mourning her mother’s death for too long and it’s time for all of them to move on.

Dong-yoon and Kang Min-seong (Bae Da-bin) had their moments too this week. They met again and finally talk it out. Well, sort of. Min-seong is drunk during their conversation but I guess, she’s sober enough to understand and hear Dong-yoon out. I’m not a big fan of befriending one’s exes but these two have a history that goes way back. They probably did stupid decisions but I’ll be happy to see them be at least civil to each other. And for Min-seong to go back and be a good friend to Song-ah because she badly needed one.

Deceits and Lies

Professor Lee Soo-kyung (Baek Ji-won) is really something. Song-ah put effort into the chamber orchestra and I was looking forward to seeing her perform on a big stage. But Professor Lee shattered that vision. It turns out Song-ah isn’t part of the orchestra and she’s just her assistant. I felt really bad for her. Song-ah’s bruised ego is taking blows after blows and I wonder how, or will she ever, recover.

Speaking of recovery, I thought Joon-young is, at least, on his way to recovery but of course, he has to face a new problem with his family. His dad, which we haven’t really seen, has caused another financial burden to Joon-young. He had to swallow his pride and ask Park Sung-Jae (Choi Dae-hoon) for an advance payment because he needed it. That faux manager who only wants to benefit from Joon-young’s talent. He doesn’t really care about Joon-young. I hope Cha Young-in (Seo Jung-yeon) would step in and give Joon-young the kind of agent he deserves.

Maknae’s Week 6 Verdict

I felt a range of emotions while watching this week’s episodes of Do You Like Brahms. My heart fluttered during Joon-young and Song-ah’s impromptu trip to Daejeon. I was in a rage when people keep on treating Song-ah like a second rate citizen just because she started too late. I nodded in agreement when Jung-kyung opened up to her family and when Dong-yoon told Min-seong to go back to being friends with Song-ah. I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone but this series is just giving hitting all the right notes for me.


-Joon-young’s reaction here is cute. It’s obvious he’s been waiting for Song-ah to ask.

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