K-Drama Reaction: Record of Youth | Episodes 9-10

Green-eyed Monsters

As Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) starts gaining momentum, it was also inevitable for him to gain detractors who were powered by obvious envy. For obvious reasons, Lee Tae-su (Lee Chang-hoon) Park Do-ah (Kim Gun-woo), and Kim I-yeong (Shin Ae-ra) wish Hye-jun’s fame is only temporary. There’s a mix of regret and hatred with Tae-su because he’s part of Hye-jun’s beginnings but he’s not patient enough to wait for Hye-jun’s star to shine. Do-ah, on the other hand, is just plain aggressive and competitive. He obviously doesn’t want to be outshined. Particularly by someone like Hye-jun because they’re the same kind. My views about Do-ah kind of softened this week. He’s not totally evil. He also has his insecurities but as Won Hae-hyo (Byeon Woo-seok) pointed out, Do-ah is a bit twisted. Anyway, this is a slice-of-life drama so I don’t expect Do-ah to go berserk. It’s Tae-su I’m worried about. He already planted a rumor to a reporter regarding Charlie Jung and Hye-jun. I wonder what kind of manipulation he’d do in the future.

Kim I-yeong, meanwhile, means well for her son. Despite all her efforts to catapult her son into stardom, his career is on a plateau. I-yeong is trying her hardest to control things that are totally out of her hands. You see, to become successful in the entertainment industry, luck should also be on your side. Hye-jun is just really fated to get famous. Although, I agree with I-yeong on some parts. Hae-hyo should also strive harder. He does seem laidback like a typical rich kid he is.

Perplexing Phase

Gone is the version of Ahn Jeong-ha (Park So-dam) who craves for a simple but stable life. She’s now ready to take a risk and make her visions into reality. And I’m glad she’s accepting help from other people. We all know by now how strong and independent she seems to be but after meeting Hye-jun, she’s learning that she could also depend on other people. She’s still reluctant and anxious but I think she’s getting there. 

Sa Yeong-nam (Park Soo-young) is also in a perplexing situation. He never showed support to Hye-jun and yet, now that Hye-jun is becoming successful, he feels left out. He literally is. Hye-jun didn’t mention him during his acceptance speech. I’m neutral on whether or not Yeong-nam has the right to feel bad about it. Sa Min-ki (Han Jin-hee) halboji is indeed the only member of the Sa Family who supported Hye-jun’s endeavors. It’s also not surprising that Hye-jun mentioned Han Ae-suk (Ha Hee-ra) eomma because she has been so loving of him no matter what. So, I’m not really sure where Hye-jun stands when it comes to his father. Yeong-nam should really start being vocal about his support to Hye-jun and stop hiding behind his pride. On a side note though, I’m really starting to appreciate Sa Gyeong-jun (Lee Jae-won) hyung. He’s secretly looking out for his younger brother (awwww).

Interim Check

It’s time to reevaluate things for our main characters. Hye-jun is getting popular day-by-day and as I’ve said earlier, success comes with a lot of other things. One of which is an unwanted spotlight. It looks like he’ll get embroiled with the unfortunate death of Charlie Jung. And in this business, truth doesn’t matter a lot. A juicier story is. And a rising star getting involved with such a scandal is truly tabloid-worthy. I wonder if Hye-jun is really ready for this.

I also have qualms about where Hae-hyo’s character arc is going. I rather have a frustratingly nice guy than watch Hae-hyo transform into a villainous character. I know that’s too ideal, but Hae-hyo and Hye-jun’s friendship is too precious to break. Plus, Hae-hyo doesn’t deserve such an ending. 

Another character that deserves better treatment is Jeong-ha. To be honest, it is getting really disappointing how her story is being written. And I know they could craft a better narrative because that’s what they are giving Hye-jun’s character. I’m also very aware that it is his story first and foremost but you know, there’s a lot of other K-dramas out there who also give their supporting characters a well-written character arc.

Maknae’s Week 5 Verdict

We’ll be getting the present timeline next week! I’m excited to see what kind of conflict they might bring as we enter the third arc of Record of Youth. The foreshadowing in the previous weeks is making it seem there will only be hardships from now on especially for Hye-jun. And of course, everything that happens to Hye-jun will also affect Hae-hyo and Jeong-ha since their stories are heavily anchored to Hye-jun. But I’m ready for the pain. So bring it on.


-I’ll also be like this if ever I’ll meet Park Seo-joon in real life.

-I was a bit emotional watching this scene because I was again reminded that this drama is Bogummy’s farewell gift to us.

-Min-jae unnie is relatable af.

-I. Hate. Comebacking. And. Entitled. Ex. Know your place, Ji-ah.

-Please let them handle the sexuality issue correctly. Jebalyo. 

-His ‘Can I ask you out?’ is a hit!

-This one’s cute. If only they could stay in this kind of situation forever.

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