K-Drama Reaction: Do You Like Brahms? | Finale

Hellos and Goodbyes

The finale week of Do You Like Brahms is filled with new hellos and unexpected goodbyes.

Let’s start with another goodbye Lee Jung-kyung (Park Ji-hyun) had to experience. Director Nah Moon-sook (Ye Soo-jung) died and Jung-kyung had to mourn again the loss of a loved one. This time though she let herself grieve. I understand that it was used to reunite Jung-kyung, Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae), and Han Hyun-ho (Kim Sung-cheol) but I still feel this is unnecessary character death. But then again, I just always hate character deaths in any form so this is just me talking with my personal preference.

Going back, Jung-kyung’s story is, surprisingly, became my favorite subplot from this series. I thought I would be annoyed with her throughout but she grew on me somehow. I think she started to be on my good book when I saw how genuine she was to Chae Song-ah (Park Eun-bin) during the master class. It was then that I realized she’s like Joon-young and Song-ah too. She’s at the crossroad of her life; trying to find out where and how to start again. So, I’m happy to see where her character ended. I’m also not a fan of exes-getting-back-together so I’m also glad they didn’t force her loveline with Hyun-ho.

Speaking of Hyun-ho, there was little of him in the finale week but it’s good to see he and Joon-young became friends again. The same goes with Song-ah, Kang Min-seong (Bae Da-bin), and Yoon Dong-yoon (Lee You-jin). It’s nice to see them on good terms again especially since Song-ah needs as much as supportive people as possible.

Endings and New Beginnings

Joon-young and Song-ah had to endure some goodbyes and hellos too and endings and new beginnings that came with it.

As expected, Joon-young found a reason to fall in love with playing the piano again. It was Song-ah who helped him realize that. It was somewhat bittersweet because Song-ah, on the other hand, decided to quit playing the violin.

Saying goodbye to something you have loved for a long time is hard; it’s like you’re removing a dying organ from your own body to survive. I already assumed this would be the case when Song-ah and her sister talked last week. Playing the violin has brought happiness to Song-ah in the past but it’s become a burden to her recently. And I’m supportive of how Song-ah realigned her dreams with her reality. She’s not talented enough to be as famous as Joon-young but she has her strengths. By freeing herself, Song-ah found a new kind of happiness.

With Joon-young and Song-ah coming to terms with their issues, they eventually dealt with their lingering feelings with each other. I have to be honest that I got a bit frustrated that there was a short time jump after their break-up. Because I think it would only take a show of conviction on Joon-young’s part to convince Song-ah to be with him again. Anyway, the grand gesture in the recital sticks to the drama’s theme. Do You Like Brahms concluded in the way I expected it to be: with our main characters stepping into new paths with a new perspective in life. 

Maknae’s Series Verdict

Someone asked me the other day on whether they should watch DYLB. I vehemently said no. Because I know the dramas they preferred – mindboggling thrillers and intense dramas. DYLB isn’t a series made for that kind of audience. This series is also not for those looking for light-hearted romcoms because Joon-young and Song-ah’s story could be too angsty for them. DYLB stands in the middle of those two extremes. So, I must say it has its own niche audience. If you like music incorporated with your series and if you enjoy a plot with light angst and a lot of growing pains then Do You Like Brahms will be right up to your alley.


-This scene screams Kousei and Kaori.

-So we didn’t see Joon-young’s father until the end eh? But I like the bit where he told her mom she should live for her own as well.

-I’m happy that Song-ah finally found a good mentor: Cha Young-in (Seo Jung-yeon). I just really love how they ended Song-ah’s internal conflict. It was realistic but still told in an optimist manner.

-Another thing that I like about the ending? It’s Joon-young repeating ‘saranghae’ in this scene. It was as one time isn’t enough to convince Song-ah about what he feels. And also the kiss!!!

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2 thoughts on “K-Drama Reaction: Do You Like Brahms? | Finale

  1. OMG THE KISS I DIED! I really did the love the series but I actually didn’t like Jung Kyung’s character. I do know that I won’t understand what she has lost, but at the same time it felt she just wanted everything she couldn’t have. When she lied to Song Ah about Joon Young playing Traumerei for her, I was really annoyed. I did like her as a teacher, but she was very self-righteous, i don’t know. I also wish they had stretched the break up a bit more, it felt like so much happened in the end. But I did enjoy the show a lot.


    1. Their kiss scenes here gave me serious heart palpitations hahaha.

      I didn’t like her too in the beginning. I guess, these scenes: master class and when she confessed to Joon-young why she kissed him in NY – changed how I looked at her. 😅


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