Favorite K-Drama Soundtracks of 2020

2020 has been a tough year. Our lives got disrupted and we had to find our footing in the new normal. Accompanying us through these petrifying uncertainties are Korean Dramas. Thankfully, we were gifted with plentiful quality series in various genres this year. And so, being faithful to our yearly tradition, we will be listing down all of our 2020 K-favorites for the whole month of December.

In #AhjummamshiesYearEndPicks2020, we will share our top three’s in different categories: Official Soundtracks (OSTs), K-Drama Couples, Villains, Breakout Stars, Unforgettable Scenes, and Top Actors and Actresses. Our picks will be coming from K-dramas that aired/released their last episode in 2020.

First up: OSTs.

Music is one key element in eliciting our emotions on a K-drama scene. There goes the cheery bubbly tune during light-hearted moments while you’d probably hear K-divas belt out dramatic ballads on heartwrenching scenes. We’re sharing here our top three favorite soundtracks for 2020 K-dramas.

Maknae’s Choice

Introduce Me To A Good Person – Red Velvet’s Joy (Hospital Playlist)

When I heard Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) sing this song during their band practice, I knew there and then that I had to listen to the whole song. The new arrangement of the Basis song just fits Joy’s warm voice color. I also like the fact that parts of the lyrics were a foreshadowing to Ik-jun and Song-hwa’s relationship (“I want to receive comfort inside the embrace of someone who has delicate eyes that have once cried because of break-up”). Actually, the whole Hospital Playlist OST Collection just fits every scene where they were used. And whenever HosPlay songs randomly play from my personal K-OST playlist, I’m reminded of scenes that made me smile and cry.

Shine On You – MAMAMOO’s Wheein (Record of Youth)

Record of Youth announced in advance its line-up of artists who will sing their soundtracks. And I can’t blame them for bragging about it early. They’ve signed up top-notch artists including Mamamoo’s Wheein. I actually fell in love with this song during the rain scene in the second week. The lyrics of the Shine On You perfectly describe the start of Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) and Ahn Jeong-ha’s (Park So-dam) story. Their relationship felt like a dream that they both don’t want to wake up from. And it still gives me that exact feeling every time I listen to this song.

Future – Red Velvet (Start-Up)

I never pay attention to the first few releases of a K-drama’s soundtracks. I have this prejudice against them and I usually think that the best songs are released mid-run of a drama. But Red Velvet’s Future proved how wrong that notion is. From its catchy beat to its hopeful lyrics, this song just fits the whole series’ vibe perfectly.

The Frown Crown

In My Heart – Lim Yeon (Flower of Evil)

This one’s pretty easy. Ever since I heard this song, it’s been on loop in my Spotify nonstop. Like literally. It took weeks before I got over this song that’s been playing repeatedly while I’m working on my desk or while writing episode reactions.

Sweet Night – V (Itaewon Class)

To be honest, even though I broke my personal record of dramas watched for the year (well, thanks to a year-long lockdown), I only recall very few OSTs. It’s weird because I used to be so obsessed with drama soundtracks, but this year’s different. Many of them doesn’t ring a bell on me. But this ballad from BTS member V sure made a mark even though I heard it way back in 1Q of the year. Who wouldn’t fall in love with V’s husky voice, right?

Family – BUMKEY (My Unfamiliar Family)

This one I love because of the message it relays. My Unfamiliar Family is a very underrated drama this year and I felt bad it didn’t get the hype it deserved. BUMKEY’s song for the drama is a love song, but it can also apply to one’s love for family and lifelong friends. Favorite line? “Even if everyone turns, you’ll be on my side…”

Busy Ahjussi’s Faves

Annyeong, yeorobun! It’s been a while since I met you here in Ahjummamshies. Well, the year has been very challenging in ways we’ve never expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic but if there’s something that I could be grateful for under this new normal is that I was able to catch up on my K-drama watching. And for my unofficial comeback, I’d like to share some of my top picks for the year. Here’s the list of my top three Korean Drama-OSTs:

Sunset – Davichi (Crash Landing On You)

Breath – Sam Kim (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)

Day and Night – Jung Seung-hwan (Start-Up)

There are tons of amazing drama soundtracks out there but because I’m a sucker for lonely songs, my usual favorites are mostly ballads. These three songs just make me tear up every time they’re played because their melodies are so sad and their lyrics are really beautifully written (and sad, too). If you’re feeling a bit blue and want to be sentimental, you can play these songs in the background while sipping your choice of drink.

Tipsy Musings

Fancy meeting you here my fellow K-Drama drunkards. We haven’t met for quite some time, bogoshipo! If my 2019 choices featured bubbly, feel-good love songs, my 2020 faves are kind of an odd mix. It bodes well with the ups and downs we all experienced as the world comes to a halt. Without ado, here’s my 2020 K-Drama OST wrapped.

♡ On days when I feel melancholic.

Your Day – Gummy (Dr. Romantic 2)

Fave line: I’m sure some days are painful. On days like that, I’ll be by your side.

♡ On days when the sun shone a little brighter.

Fall In Love – Juniel (Meow, The Secret Boy)

Fave Line: On a warm spring day, I want to walk with you at the same place.

♡ On days when I want to have a good cry.

In Silence – Janet Suhh (It’s Okay Not to be Okay)

Fave Line: In silence, no one answers. But I still hear your voice.

I’m sure we all battled different demons this year. But on good days and bad days, a little bit of music goes a long way. Himnae uri ahjummas!

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