Namgoong Min to lead MBC’s “Black Sun”

Namgoong Min (Awaken) will lead the upcoming MBC spy drama “Black Sun” (working title).

The drama will revolve around National Intelligence Service (NIS) top agent Han Ji-hyuk (to be played by Namgoong Min), who suddenly disappears while working on an organized crime syndicate. A year after he vanished, a vengeful Han Ji-hyuk returns in order to find the one who betrayed him and caused his downfall.

Black Sun was written by Park Seok-ho, who won the prize at the 2018 MBC drama script competition. The drama will be directed by Kim Sung-yong (The Flower in Prison, My Healing Love). It is reported to have a whopping 15-billion won budget (about $13.7 million).

The 12-episode miniseries will air in the second half of 2021.

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