Song Ji-hyo is a wish-granting witch in new drama

Song Ji-hyo (Was it Love?) has been confirmed to star in the TVING original drama “Come to the Witch Restaurant” (literal translation).

Come to the Witch Restaurant” is a fantasy drama that revolves around a mysterious restaurant that grants wishes to customers in exchange of their own souls. Song Ji-hyo will take on the role of Jo Hee-ra, a witch who partners up with the another female lead Jung Jin, a 28-year-old unemployed woman who opened a cheonggukjang (soup with fermented soybeans) restaurant. As the restaurant goes bankrupt, Jo Hee-ra offered to take over its management, and eventually made it very popular by selling food that fulfills people’s wishes.

Nam Ji-hyun (365: Repeat the Year) has received an offer to portray the other female lead character Jung Jin. Chae Jong-hyeop (Hot Stove League) has also been offered a major supporting role.

The story was Goo Sang-hee’s daesang winning piece at Kyobo Book Centre’s story contest. PD So Jae-hyun (Memorist) will lead the direction while the script will be written by Lee Young-sook.

It is scheduled to air as an eight-episode drama through the online streaming platform TVING sometime this 2021.

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