Non-romance K-Dramas that will save your Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re with someone special or not, binge-watching K-Dramas is one of the best ways to just kill time and let the day pass by. On this Valentine’s Day, we listed down 10 outstanding Korean dramas that will definitely save your day at a time when most of us are required to just stay home and be safe. For all of us who just want to escape this romance-filled day, you may want to check these out!

My Ahjussi

This is the supreme series that placed IU/Lee Ji-eun as one of the most bankable drama actresses of her time. She has had numerous hit dramas, and she sure can act, but My Ahjussi was what proved her haters’ doubts vanish into thin air. The world where My Ahjussi was built in was captivating and all characters, even the supporting ones, were also remarkable. The plot was actually slice-of-life, but the way it can make the audience feel that they’re part of the neighborhood is what makes this drama special.

School Nurse Files

Although there’s a tad bit of romance between the two main leads, The School Nurse Files is your best bet if you want to stay away from the typical romantic K-dramas. The six-episode Netflix series follows school nurse Ahn Eun-yeong (Jung Yu-mi) and her fellow teacher Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk) as they try to solve mysterious cases in their bizarre jelly-filled world.

P.S. the CGIs are superb so better watch it on a big screen!

The Uncanny Counter

This is a webtoon adaptation and the storytelling is also cartoonish, but it’s done so perfectly that it will leave you wanting more. Wanna feel like a superhero on Valentine’s Day? The Uncanny Counter will give that kind of vibe – a feeling of belongingness in a found family. The drama revolves around its lead character So-mun (Jo Byung-gyu), along with the other Counters (Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Se-jeong, and Yeom Hye-ran), who gather all their might in catching evil spirits roaming around the earth and preventing them from harming humans.

Credit: Tumblr

Black Dog

If you’re semi-tired of watching the flood of school dramas lately, yet you feel like you just can’t get enough of them, Black Dog is the drama for you. There’s no over-the-top heroine in distress or love triangle in a tug-of-war fashion here. It’s told in the perspective of high school teachers who just want the best for their students. There’s so many life lessons in and out the classroom in this one, y’all!

The Fiery Priest

If you’re more into the comedy genre, why not mix in a bit (okay, a lot) of action into this day? Fiery Priest is one hilarious “whodunit” type of series that combines a former secret agent-turned-priest, a clumsy detective, an unprincipled prosecutor, and a whole other bunch of misfits in solving a murder case.

Credit: Tumblr

 Stranger/Forest of Secrets

If you want to forget about Valentine’s Day or the whole Love Month in general, there’s no better way to do it but drown yourself with a series that will keep you at the edge of your seat in every episode. And since this has two seasons, you can binge watch Stranger Season 1 to Season 2 and you won’t notice February is already over.

Prison Playbook

The friendship between the Seobu avengers and even with the prison guards in Prison Playbook would make you realize that you don’t really need a romantic relationship to connect with another person. You’d get all types of bromance in this series. The Yoo duo of Yoo Han-yang (Lee Kyu-hyung) and Yoo Jeong-woo (Jung Hae-in) will give you a humorous cat and dog banter while Kim Je-hyeok (Park Hae-soo) and Lee Joon-ho (Jung Kyung-ho) are the ultimate friendship goals.


A former baduk player enters the corporate world only to be overwhelmed by the politically corrupt caste system in the workplace. It’s been years since this slice-of-life drama was released but it remains superior up to this day. Also, who wouldn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Im Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Kang So-ra, and Byun Yo-han?

Credit: Tumblr


Led by actors Lee Je-hoon, Kim Hye-soo, and Cho Jin-woong, Signal is one ride of a series. It has a good mix of fantasy elements and thrilling mystery cases. This is perfect especially for those who enjoy police procedural series.


One can never go wrong in watching a good zombie series on a fine day. In case you have no one but to celebrate Heart’s Day with, why not set a date with Ju Ji-hoon and cheer for him as he fights the undead?

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