Jung Jae-young, Moon So-ri, Lee Sang-yeob lead new office drama

A new office drama titled “No One in their Right Mind” (literal translation) is currently in the works, with Jung Jae-young (Partners for Justice), Moon So-ri (The School Nurse Files), and Lee Sang-yeob (Once Again) being confirmed as part of the cast.

The drama revolves around the daily lives of middle-aged office employees working in an electronics company called Hanmyung Electronics.

Jung Jae-young will lead the drama as Choi Ban-seok, a veteran developer in the home appliances division. Despite having an impressive academic background, he is a mediocre engineer. He has a warm personality who always makes other people laugh at his sense of humor. Choi Ban-seok’s resilience will be affected by a downsizing order and will be reassigned to the human resources team.

Moon So-ri will portray as the Human Resources team lead Dang Ja-young, a workaholic and tenacious executive of the Hanmyung Electronics. She will be challenged by the addition of Choi Ban-seok into her team.

Lastly, Lee Sang-yeob will appear as Han Se-kwon, a member of the business development team of Hanmyung Electronics. He is apparently related to the owner of the company, but his inferior state in the family makes him hungry for recognition and be successful on his own.

No One in their Right Mind will be directed by Kim Keun-hong (Welcome 2 Life) and Choi Jung-in while the script will be written by Jung Do-yoon (Witch at Court, The Time We Were Not In Love).

The drama will take the Wednesday and Thursday slot of MBC starting June 2021.

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