Under-the-radar Badass Women in K-Dramas

In celebration of International Women’s Month, we thought of listing down some of the underrated K-drama female characters who are also rightfully deserving of the limelight.

Chae Song-hwa (Hospital Playlist)

Chae Song-hwa is a living proof of the old adage that “with age comes wisdom.” She’s not just a woman of wisdom but she’s also a neurosurgeon with a heart. She’s discerning but not too critical. She’s rationale but still very understanding. How we wish we’ll be just like her in our 40s.

Shim Eun-ha (Terius Behind Me)

Mothers are superheroes without cape and Galaxy Shim is a superwoman indeed. She led the rest of the ahjummas and ahjussi of King Castle Information System in their adventures and close encounters with NIS and its target, international syndicate Cornerstone. Aside from their detective work, she also provided some hilarious sequences especially when they unknowingly involved Bon in their parenting agendas and when her daughter showcased her bilingual ability.

Sung Bo-ra (Reply 1988)

This Seoul University student could be the spirit animal of every millenial in this woke generation. She would always fight for what she believed in, no matter what other people said!

Cha Hyun (Search: WWW)

There’s a new webmaster in town… and it ain’t Spiderman. In fact, she’s a woman! Scarlett and her two unnies in Search:WWW defined girl power! A competitive corporate leader who’s guilty pleasure is watching daytime makjang dramas. Her feisty personality turns soft after meeting the love of her life aka his favorite actor.

Go Hye-ran (Misty)

Unapologetic news anchor who becomes a murder suspect in the middle of a troubled marriage, and yet still managed to survive the chaos. One of K-dramas’ most riveting character.

Goo Se-Ra (Into The Ring)

An unemployed graphic artist-turned-district representative out of financial desperation. Her monologue about the youth of this time still remains supreme! Goo Se-ra was one of the few surprises of 2020, who made the cursed year a lighter one because of her bubbly character!

Seobi (Kingdom)

Long before we had the worst pandemic of our generation, Seobi was already looking for a cure to the virus that caused the hordes of zombies during the Joseon era. In fact, she was the first one to link the temperature and the movements of the undead in the drama! If only she were on Train to Busan, the movie might have had a happy ending.

Woo Su-ji (Because This is My First Life)

As @unicaahjumma puts it, she’s an only child who gives high importance to her job because she needs it more than anything to support her mom. She’s even willing to turn a blind eye to the bullying and sexism at work. But in the end, she was able to break free and find the courage to put her happiness first, and do the thing that she really loves. Su-ji follows her heart, protects her inner peace, fights against injustice, and loves her friends. Isn’t she the most perfect character?

Jung Geum-ja (Hyena)

Jung Geum-ja is no doubt one of the fiercest lawyer in the world of K-dramaland. She’s an unconventional character especially with her ways but she has a softer side that one can easily relate to.

Oh Mi-joo and Seo Dan-ah (Run On)

Oh Mi-joo is a gutsy heroine who already got her full circle in life and doesn’t need character development anymore. She’s not perfect as a person, but she’s not a Candy, either. On the other hand, the sneaker-wearing CEO Seo Dan-ah is not a fish out of the water character. She’s bold and ambitious. She knows the value of achieving her ultimate goal through the small victories that make up the journey worthwhile. The unlikely tandem could threaten their respective couplings. Plus, who does not miss their drunken nights and samgyupsal double dates with Ki Sun-gyeom and Lee Young-hwa?

Credits: (1, 2, 3, 4)

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